Parent partnership is foundational to the mission and philosophy of Oakcrest School. We are committed to supporting parents as the primary educators of their daughters. By offering continuing education programs for parents, we assist parents in their noble mission of forming their daughters to be passionate, confident, empathetic and service-oriented leaders.
Dear Parents,

This page will feature information for parents about upcoming speakers, forums, books, social events, online links and more, so that parents will have a resource that is intended to support their efforts as they raise their daughters into mature, virtuous individuals who act with a great sense of freedom and responsibility.

We offer a lending library as well as a reading list of suggested books and online resources which focus on various aspects of parenting and strengthening family life. 

To volunteer ideas and suggestions, please send an email to Terri Collins, Director of Parent Support.


Terri Collins  (Lucy '11, Helen '14, Audrey '16, Jill '17)
Associate Head of School
Director of Parent Support

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Mother/Daughter Clubs:
These clubs are the initiative of mothers in the Oakcrest Community.
Associate Head of School and Director of Parent Support Terri Collins explains what makes parent partnership at Oakcrest so unique, from our commitment to supporting parents as the primary educators of their daughters to the many events and resources we offer parents throughout the year.
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