2022-2023 Annual Fund Committee
Celeste and William Pozo
Laura (Cermak '15) Kumar 
  • Class of 2023: Amy and Chuck Miller
  • Class of 2024: Cathy and Austin Ruse
  • Class of 2025: Margaret and Tom Sweatman
  • Class of 2026: Marylou and John Kirk
  • Class of 2027: Michelle and Jay Gress
  • Class of 2028: Clare and Jim McNiff
  • Class of 2029: Diana and Richard Abouchedid
Dear Oakcrest Community, 
We are reaching out today to announce the kick-off of this year’s Oakcrest Annual Fund, and to ask for your help. We are the proud parents of two current Oakies, and we know first hand what a blessing it is for them to attend this beautiful institution. What we didn’t know, when our first daughter enrolled at Oakcrest a few years ago, was how important the Annual Fund is to her growth and well-being during her time here.
Oakcrest takes a holistic approach in the formation of its students which requires resources that support their intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development. Oakcrest offers students and their families a comprehensive educational experience. Oakcrest supports parents through continuing education programs that assist us in our noble mission of forming our daughters. Oakcrest also provides ongoing professional development opportunities for its impressive faculty. Over the past few years, Oakcrest’s leadership in academics and student life have developed comprehensive Grade Level Experiences that promote a spirit of curiosity, adventure, virtue and service in all of our students. Our extracurricular activities in athletics and the arts continue to develop young women who are fit, creative and well-rounded.

None of this, however, would be possible without the ongoing generosity of Oakcrest parents, alumnae, and the broader Oakcrest community. After the success of providing textbooks to all Middle School students last year, we have invested thousands of additional dollars towards expanding this benefit to all students this year. In addition, we have seen tuition assistance requests increase by more than 15%. The Annual Fund is a critical source in support of helping our families and, thanks to your generosity, we will provide access to as many young women as possible. Finally, tuition only covers about 85% of an Oakcrest education each year for all students, and unlike public or parochial schools, Oakcrest does not receive supplemental finances from the government or any diocese. Therefore, Oakcrest counts on the success of our Annual Fund to ensure all of our students thrive.

Last year, the Oakcrest community stepped up and helped us exceed the Annual Fund goal of $400,000. For this, we are truly grateful! This year our target for the Annual Fund is to raise $450,000. Please consider joining us as we contribute to Oakcrest’s current and future success. You can be certain that your gift to the Oakcrest Annual Fund will positively affect our girls and ensure that they become graduates who will shape the future in so many positive ways.

Warm regards,

Celeste and William Pozo, Parents of Camila ’27, Carolina ’25
2022-23 Annual Fund Chairs

P.S. If your place of work offers matching grants, please consider requesting a grant for Oakcrest. It is a great way to double the impact of your gift to the school.

A Bright Future Begins Today!

Oakcrest School is a special place where young women grow to know themselves, their purpose in life and that their ultimate goal is to find happiness in God. Oakcrest offers its girls an extraordinary education, and the success of Oakcrest depends on the entire Oakcrest community: students, parents, grandparents, alumnae, alumnae parents, faculty, staff, and friends of the school. Grounded in a rich liberal arts tradition and guided by the joyful spirit of Opus Dei, Oakcrest students will continue to be challenged to value the dignity of work, take risks comfortably, and develop self-knowledge and confidence that will prepare them to mature with a spirit of determination and optimism. Thanks to the formation they receive during their time here Oakcrest graduates become the leaders that will build a culture of freedom and responsibility that our world desperately needs.

You Make It Possible!

In this 2022-2023 school year at Oakcrest we hope to provide our students the best resources to support their intellectual, athletic, social and spiritual growth. In order to achieve this, our goal for this year’s Annual Fund is to raise a total of $450,000. Your support will make it possible, and with your help we will provide students the strong foundation they need to thrive in the future.

Why Support Oakcrest Through the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund provides the necessary resources that build and reinforce Oakcrest’s unique mission.

• Provides ongoing professional development that enhances skills and curricula for faculty and staff.
• Assists our athletic programs, enabling over 86% of students to participate in one of our 22 competitive athletic teams.
• Supports experiential learning opportunities, important resources not covered by tuition and numerous student-led initiatives.
• Bolsters our Tuition Assistance program that helps bring the Oakcrest
experience to a broad range of students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

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  • Green & White Society

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  • School Spirit

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  • Oakcrest Family

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  • Oakcrest Patron

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  • Oakcrest Benefactor

    Gifts to $499
  • * Donors who support the Annual Fund at the School Spirit Level or above will be invited to our Annual Leadership Reception.

A special thank you to all who supported Oakcrest this past year.
We are grateful for you!

Stephan and Lauren Higgins (Elizabeth '20)

We give because Oakcrest is a special place. Oakcrest not only challenges its students intellectually but also provides the girls with an environment to grow in their faith with just the right emphasis on the priorities of family, friendship, and service. The school is successful because of the dedicated and caring staff, all of whom are committed in their role of assisting families in the development of the young women entrusted to them.

Marylou and John Kirk (Marygrace ’26)

We support the Annual Fund because we want to ensure that teachers and mentors have the best resources available to provide our daughter the intellectual, spiritual and personal formation that are at the heart of Oakcrest's mission. 
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