Discover what it’s like to be an Oakie— a young woman who strives to develop her character, intellect, and faith on her way to becoming a leader. Life at Oakcrest is full of fun traditions that create a vibrant community life and strengthen our students’ friendship and school pride. Over 40 years since the school’s founding, these traditions continue to shape Oakcrest's distinctive identity.
    • From Graduation and Junior Ring Ceremony to Senior Sunrise and Spirit Week, we're so grateful for all our Oakcrest traditions and the ways we've been able to continue them during the this 2020-2021 school year!

Spirit Week at Oakcrest

Class Bonding Trips

All-School Service Day

Junior Ring Ceremony

8th Grade Bonfire and Flag Football

Spirit Weeks

Oakcrest Has Talent!

Junior-Senior Prom

Thanksgiving Lunch

8th Grade Promotion

Senior Dinner


Green and White Teams

When you join the Oakcrest community, you enter a revered rivalry—the battle between Team Green and Team White. Sporting the official colors of Oakcrest, these teams compete against each other in fun contests throughout the year for spirit points. Everyone, from students to faculty and staff, is in on the fun. May the best team win!

Sister Families

All our students are divided into eight “families” that participate in activities and competitions throughout the year such as gingerbread house decorating, special lunches, and more. Each sister family contains students from a mix of grades, providing a great way for the older and younger students to get to know each other and cementing the unity of the school community.