• Mrs. Christie Keuchel, Head of School

Dear Friends, 
Welcome to Oakcrest! Our school has a thriving mission, rooted in a partnership with parents that challenges girls in grades 6-12 to develop their intellect, character, faith and leadership potential to thrive in college and throughout their lives. We are proud to be a part of this fine school where educating young women for the future is taken seriously and we are committed to bringing them the best each day. 
Our students are the recipients of incredible teaching and learning that happens each day within the walls of Oakcrest. We are preparing leaders, and we aim to show our students what leadership looks like each step of the way. I am honored to share and grow with our faculty in the art of teaching and learning towards the goal of preparing each young woman that enters Oakcrest to reach her highest potential. I look forward to imparting the Oakcrest mission, working with parents, faculty and mentors to provide a culture of freedom and responsibility for each girl as she learns not only the ability to recognize and articulate truth, but also build up the courage to stand by it. Through this personal, dynamic, integral education that each student receives, she learns to recognize the beauty and depth of each person because she has first been taught to discover this about herself. 
This year is filled with hope for the many ways our students will grow intellectually and in all aspects of our Oakcrest mission. I look forward to welcoming each of you to our beautiful campus and to introduce you to our faculty, staff and students. 
Christie Keuchel
Head of School