• Mary T. Ortiz, Ph.D.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Oakcrest! Our partnership with parents challenges girls in grades 6-12 to develop their intellect, character, faith and leadership potential to thrive in college and throughout their lives.  They do this through example, prayer, the content and direction of their classes, and countless conversations and hours spent together.

Together we create a school culture of freedom and responsibility, cheerfulness, sincerity, simplicity, and service. We know that we have the privilege and responsibility of contributing significantly to the parents’ primary work of forming their daughter’s moral personality. The years they pass at Oakcrest are the ones that mark them the deepest, because they are the years that involve the most profound shaping of the person. Oakcrest meets the girls’ questions in all aspects of their life: intellectual, spiritual, social. And it engages them in their own formation and education.

This personal, dynamic, integral education is the education of a trustee of humanity; it shapes a person who can go on to recognize the beauty and depth of each person because she has first been taught to discover this about herself. When you meet a young woman like this, you wish that many more young women–every young woman–could have this education as well. I encourage you to contact our Admissions office to learn more.

Mary T. Ortiz, Ph.D.
Head of School
1619 Crowell Road, Vienna, VA 22182