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Oakcrest School, in partnership with parents, challenges girls in grades 6-12 to develop their intellect, character, faith, and leadership potential to thrive in college and throughout their lives.

Guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church and the spirituality of Opus Dei, we weave together a rich liberal arts curriculum, character development, one-on-one mentoring and service to create a vibrant environment that graduates confident, young women–young women who will make a difference in all they choose to do.

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  • The Class of 2024

    Lead Days prepare seniors for life beyond Oakcrest

    After the completion of the high school years, uniforms are tucked away and life after Oakcrest begins. Now what? 

    Lead Days, a two-day series of workshops for seniors, seek to prepare students for the future with practical tips and advice for all areas of life. 
  • Mia N '27 to attend Living Latin workshop in Rome, Italy

    Mia N. ’27 is embarking on a unique summer adventure to Rome where she’ll be immersed in the Latin language, ancient texts, and the many historic Roman sites. 
  • Three seniors sign to collegiate athletic programs

    Three Oakcrest seniors - Ellie B., Catherine E., and Katie K. - signed to continue their athletic careers at their chosen universities in a college signing ceremony on Tuesday, May 21, 2024 with many of their coaches, family, and peers in attendance. 

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