The cornerstone of an Oakcrest education is our mentoring program. Mentors meet regularly one-on-one with students, and girls can seek them out for encouragement in academics, friendships, and service to others. Acting in partnership with the parents, the mentor guides each student as she works on her own personal growth. At Oakcrest students develop the lifelong habit of seeking good advice from the wisdom of others and working on personal goals for growth.  

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  • 1:1

    Student-Mentor Ratio

  • 100%

    Of students are mentored

  • 85%

    Of female faculty and staff are mentors

Mentoring FAQs

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  • What is mentoring like from a student's perspective?

    “My favorite thing about my mentor is that, before she gives me advice, she thoughtfully listens to me talk and tell my stories. And her advice always sheds light onto how I can put God first in my life, whether that means treating God as a friend and praying more often, talking less and listening to others more, or seeing the glass as half full, not half empty.”
    —Cora H. ('19)
  • What do faculty and staff like about mentoring?

    “The personal element of mentoring is my favorite aspect.  I love that the relationship I have with each mentee is unique to that girl!”
    —Elizabeth Black, Dean of Faculty and Curriculum
  • Are parents involved in mentoring?

    “Our daughters’ mentors have helped them recognize the areas in which they need to grow, but also celebrated the wonderful things that are going on in their lives. We've all heard the saying that ‘it takes a village’ and my husband and I really feel that Oakcrest and the mentors in particular are a crucial part of that ‘village.’”
    —Oakcrest Parent