Oakcrest School in partnership with parents challenges girls in grades 6-12 to develop their intellect,  character, faith and leadership potential to thrive in college and throughout their lives.

Middle School

The Middle School curriculum is guided by two principles: that love of reality in its manifold expressions is the foundation of authentic knowledge, and that holistic growth is only possible through many small steps taken over time. For these reasons, the Middle School curriculum seeks to cultivate wonder and delight in the world through awakening the mind and senses to reality, and lays a firm foundation for the challenge of Upper School studies. 
Middle School Director Cecilia Escobar on what makes Middle School at Oakcrest unique

Upper School

The goal of the Upper School curriculum is to lead the Oakcrest student towards an in-depth understanding of life, of herself, and of her responsibilities to others and to the common good. The curriculum teaches a love and respect for truth, and invites the student to ponder what it means to be human and how to advance on her path towards self- knowledge and wisdom. 
Upper School Director Christine Nussio on what makes Oakcrest's Upper School curriculum special 
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