Girls Thrive at Oakcrest! 
Discover the six pillars upon which Oakcrest's mission is built—pillars which have been maintained and fortified since Oakcrest's founding in 1976. 

Academic Excellence

We offer an exceptional liberal arts education spanning the arts,  humanities, mathematics, science, and technology that challenges students and inspires them to become lifelong learners. We choose our faculty because of their professional excellence and identification with our mission. We teach in the liberal arts tradition, a tradition concerned with the formation of the mind and soul. 

Parents as Primary Educators

Parent partnership is foundational to the mission and philosophy of Oakcrest School. We are committed to supporting parents as the primary educators of their daughters. By offering continuing education programs for parents, we assist parents in their noble mission of forming their daughters to be passionate, confident, empathetic and service-oriented leaders.

Catholic Vision and the Spirit of Opus Dei

An Oakcrest education is guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church and grounded in the spirit of Opus Dei. Oakcrest aims to instill in students a deep understanding that all persons are beloved children of God. Since our founding in 1976, Oakcrest has always welcomed students of all faiths or of no particular faith, and respects the religious freedom of the students.

All-Girls Education

An all-girls environment fosters an atmosphere of authenticity and achievement.  As members of an all-female student body, our students are best able to get to know their own values and aspirations and grow intellectually, morally, and socially. 

Character Development

Starting with a Christian understanding of human nature, Oakcrest helps students develop as women of character.  The cultivation of virtue is woven throughout our curriculum. Each grade focuses on specific virtues throughout the year. Through our mentoring program, leadership workshops and commitment to service, we offer each girl a multitude of opportunities to develop her intellect, will, and spirit: the three aspects of character. 

One-on-One Mentoring

Mentoring is the cornerstone of an Oakcrest education. Each Oakcrest student has a faculty or staff mentor with whom she meets one-on-one, at least once every four to six weeks. Mentors are essentially the personal character coaches of our students. The mentoring program is the nexus in which the character development program becomes personal. 
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