Oakcrest offers 13 different sports, and 85% of our students participate in our athletics program. We welcome athletes of all levels, from the beginner to the well-seasoned player. Students have the opportunity to try new sports and follow their athletic passion. It is our goal to help each individual athlete reach her highest level of play. 

Fall Season

Team Grade
6th Grade Volleyball 6
Middle School Field Hockey  6-8
Middle School Volleyball  6-8
Middle School Cross Country 6-8
Middle School Tennis  6-8
JV Volleyball  8-10
Varsity Field Hockey 8-12
Varsity Volleyball 8-12
Varsity Cross Country 8-12
Varsity Tennis  8-12
Fitness Class 9-12

Winter Season

Team Grade
Middle School Basketball 6-8
Middle School Swimming 6-8
Middle School Running Club 6-8
Varsity Indoor Track and Field 8-12
Varsity Rock Climbing 9-12
Varsity Basketball 8-12
Varsity Swimming 8-12
JV Basketball 8-10
Strength & Conditioning 9-12

Spring Season

Team Grade
Middle School Lacrosse 6-8
Middle School Soccer 6-8
Middle School Softball 6-8
Middle School Track and Field 6-8
JV Soccer 8-10
Varsity Lacrosse 8-12
Varsity Golf 8-12
Varsity Softball 8-12
Varsity Soccer 8-12
Varsity Track & Field  8-12
Fitness Class 9-12
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