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I regard the theater as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.
The theatre arts fill a unique role in exploring and communicating the human experience. Rooted in the universal need for understanding and communicative expression, theatre enables us to explore thought, feeling, and behavior by mirroring the human condition through imitation and symbolic action. Our theatre program encourages creative thinking, experimentation, and respect for the ideas and efforts of others,  fostering an environment of character development and cultural awareness.
Oakcrest strives to provide challenging and age-appropriate theatrical opportunities that encourage girls’ personal, intellectual, character, faith, and leadership development. Performance material is selected for its potential to positively impact family and society.

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Theatre at Oakcrest

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  • Upper and Middle School Shows

    Each year Oakcrest’s theatre department puts on one Middle School production and one Upper School production, each in a different semester. The department produces both plays and musicals, giving students the opportunity to act, sing, dance, or work on the tech crew, help with hair and makeup, and assist with costume design and set building.
  • An Evening of One-Act Plays

    The Evening of One-Act Plays features plays directed, and performed by both Middle and Upper School students, offering students another opportunity to be involved in all aspects of theatre arts from play writing to directing. Past plays include I’m Scared, the story of a little girl who discovers some scary creatures in her bedroom; Forever Forgotten, an exploration of the evolving relationship between a socially anxious teenager and his imaginary friend; and Pen Pals, which tells of two pen pals who struggle to be completely honest in their letters.
  • Shakespeare Monologue Competition

    Upper and Middle School students recite a monologue from a Shakespearean play of their choice as they compete for best performance recognition in front of a panel of judges. The winner goes on to represent Oakcrest at a regional Shakespeare monologue competition.

Past Performances

Hansel and Gretel

Little Women

The Wizard of Oz

The Boxcar Children

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