Oakcrest recognizes the vocation of women as trustees of humanity and provides a culture of freedom and responsibility in which young women thrive.  For more than 45 years, Oakcrest School has partnered with parents to challenge girls to develop their intellect, character, faith and leadership potential to thrive in college and throughout their lives.  We are committed to providing access to this excellent program of education and formation to as many young women as possible.  To that end, we have consistently provided generous levels of tuition assistance to families whose financial circumstances make it difficult for them to pay full tuition. If you believe you are in need of assistance, we encourage you to apply for it.

Currently over 50% of Oakcrest students receive some level of tuition assistance. The average award is approximately $12,500. 

Apply for Tuition Assistance

Families with an existing FACTS account may simply log into their account and select “Apply for Financial Aid with FACTS” to begin their application.

New families should select the option to “Create a  user name and password” in order to create an account and then follow the instructions to complete a financial aid application.

Tuition Assistance applications may be submitted online using the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Program.


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Customer Service Line: (866) 441-4637

A Guide for Parents on Affording Private School

In this video, Oakcrest CFO Matthew Buonocore offers some helpful points to keep in mind as you consider the financial aspect of sending your child to a private school. He shares that parents can and should consider this investment in their children and offers advice and encouragement for those wondering whether it’s worth it.  

2024-2025 Academic Year

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  • Upper School (9-12)

    Tuition: $33,055
    Application Fee $60
    Enrollment Deposit* $1000
    New Family Matriculation Fee $500

    * The enrollment contract must be accompanied by a non-refundable Enrollment Deposit that will be credited toward the total tuition fee. Families applying for tuition assistance need only submit a deposit of $500.

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  • Middle School (6-8)

    Tuition: $29,985
    Application Fee $60
    Enrollment Deposit* $1000
    New Family Matriculation Fee $500

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  • Stats

    • Over 50% of Oakcrest students receive some level of tuition assistance.
    • The average award is approximately $12,500. 

Textbooks, field trips, and athletics are included with tuition. 

School uniforms and personal sports equipment are not included with tuition. 

KATERI ('21), GIANNA ('23) AND CARMEN ('25)

It is only with Oakcrest's generosity that we are able to continue our studies at Oakcrest. For this we are so grateful. 

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  • Tuition Payment Plans

    Families have the option of paying tuition in full, or establishing a payment plan using FACTS. The FACTS payment plan enables families to pay all of the annual tuition (minus the $1,000 Reservation Deposit), plus other school-related fees (e.g. bus service fees, lunch service fees) and the tuition refund insurance premium in monthly installments without interest charges.

    To create a new FACTS Payment Plan or to log in to your existing account, please click  here

  • Tuition Insurance

    Oakcrest School offers a Tuition Refund Insurance Plan for an additional fee of 1.0% of gross tuition. Participation in this program is optional for families who pay tuition in full directly to the school, and it is required for families who elect to pay tuition monthly using the FACTS payment plan.

SARA ('26)

Thank you for your help and kind heart for giving us the financial aid so I can study in this Catholic school where I not only study but learn to serve.


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  • What is Oakcest's Tuition Assistance Philosophy?

    Oakcrest is committed to providing an education to as many young women as possible. Nevertheless, the resources of the school are limited. We ask all families to make a maximum and honest effort to cover as much of the cost of tuition as they can from their own available resources.
  • How does Oakcrest's Tuition Assistance decision-making process work?

    Oakcrest School follows its Tuition Assistance policy and will use the FACTS Grant & Assessment Aid methodology as a guide to determine each family’s demonstrated need.  Oakcrest reserves the right to request additional information, such as tax schedules and other tax and/or income records. Income tax documentation substantiates information provided, but it is not considered in isolation.

    In accordance with the Oakcrest School mission, Oakcrest takes into consideration family circumstances that affect ability to pay. All Tuition Assistance decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

  • How do I know if my family qualifies for Tuition Assistance?

    Tuition Assistance is granted each year on the basis of demonstrated need and available funds. Individual family/household circumstances that determine a family’s ability to pay include but are not limited to annual income, typical household expenses, real estate assets, cash savings, investments, number of dependents, special circumstances (e.g., medical expenses for a special needs child), etc. Tuition Assistance is not awarded solely on family/household income level.
  • Do I need to re-apply for Tuition Assistance each year?

    Tuition Assistance awards are made for one academic year. Re-enrolling families must complete a new application for each year that the student enrolls.
  • If I apply for Tuition Assistance, will it affect my child’s admission?

    Admission and Tuition Assistance decisions are made by two separate committees. A family’s financial circumstances are not included in the criteria upon which a student is evaluated for admission.
  • If the award is not enough, can I appeal?

    All families are expected to make a maximum and honest effort to cover the cost of tuition from their available resources. Due to the school’s limited resources, not all who qualify will receive an offer of tuition assistance, or an offer that fully funds demonstrated need. Families may request a reconsideration of their award by writing to the Chief Financial Officer and stating the reason for the request. Please understand that there are often families waiting for funds that are not taken up in the first distribution. Families may also wish to consider Education Loans from qualified organizations, such as Your Tuition Solution (www.tuitionsolution.com).
  • What if I haven't completed my tax returns yet?

    Please complete the Tuition Assistance Application. A copy of your Tax Returns must be uploaded to FACTS as soon as possible after submitting your application and no later than April 15. 
  • What if our circumstances change mid-year?

    Oakcrest understands that household circumstances can change outside of the Tuition Assistance cycle. Please contact the Chief Financial Officer to initiate a discussion so that your situation can be addressed by the Tuition Assistance Committee. All decisions are dependent upon availability of funds.
  • What happens if I submit my application for Tuition Assistance late?

    Applications must be completed on time to be considered. Late applications will be handled as they arrive and as funds allow. Only complete applications will be considered.
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