We encourage students to participate in extracurricular events, pursue their personal interests, and create new clubs each school year. Oakcrest is currently home to over 30 student-led clubs and organizations, many of them initiated by students. These clubs and activities encourage students to take initiative and responsibility in leading activities that allow them to explore their talents and passions outside the classroom.

Student Government/Leadership

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  • Student Council

    Both the Middle School and the Upper School Student Councils consist of class officers. The Upper School Student Council also includes the Executive Officers, whose job it is to oversee and run many of the activities that promote school spirit.
  • Student Ambassadors

    Student Ambassadors are the public face of Oakcrest to prospective parents and students. They represent Oakcrest at school fairs and our Open Houses, and serve as hostesses for students who spend a shadow day at the school.


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  • All You Knead Is Love

    Bakes cookies for the firemen and policemen in the community
  • Kids Serving Kids

    Sponsors children in impoverished countries overseas
  • Manos Amigas

    Raises funds and collects items for those in need in Venezuela. 
  • Operation Sacrifice

    Supports men and women in the military through initiatives such as the Halloween candy drive and raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project
  • Random Acts of Kindness

    Members perform small but meaningful services such as taking coffee and a muffin to the police officer who directs traffic outside Oakcrest, posting encouraging messages or bits of humour throughout the school, and much more.
  • Writing Center

    Helps fellow students with writing skills, from drafting an essay to writing lab reports. 

Middle and Upper School Clubs

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  • Coding Club

  • Creative Writing Club

    Wordsmiths who get inspired by the power of a good descriptive phrase and young authors who have ideas for stories floating around in their minds find the outlet for their enthusiasm along with the other creative writers at Oakcrest.
  • Debate Team

    Focuses on  sharpening girls’ public speaking and debate skills to compete in tournaments with fellow team members and to acquire valuable communication skills.
  • Equestrian Club

  • Jr. States of America

    Develops members’ public speaking, critical thinking and leadership skills through debates, conventions, and other activities.
  • Literary Magazine

  • Marine Biology Club

    The Marine Biology Club gives students the opportunity to learn about different types of sea life. Each week, girls are introduced to a different sea creature. They learn about sea-life from a biological viewpoint and look more deeply at what issues that particular creature may be facing in the wild. The club’s focus is on conservation of sea-life and habitats, as well as discussion of how we as humans should interact with the marine biome.
  • Newspaper Club

  • Science Olympiad

    Members of the Science Olympiad team work together to prepare for the regional competition in the spring, where they use their engineered devices and science knowledge to compete against other schools in the region
  • Self-Defense Club

    Students learn various self-defense techniques and how to use them in a safe environment.
  • Stewards of Earth

  • Virginia Math League

    Offers participants the chance to dive deeper into math outside the classroom and take part in fun, challenging math competitions. Virginia Math League is open to members of the Math Honors Society.
  • Chess Club

    Those who enjoy tactics and strategies hone their skills in Chess Club. All are welcome to come to learn how to play this stimulating and enjoyable game.
  • Respect Life Club

    The Respect Life Club organizes Respect Life Week and participates in the March for Life on the Constitutional Mall every January, carrying our Oakcrest banner with pride. Join Respect Life Club and help Oakcrest stand up for life!
  • Latin Club

    For those who love Latin language, Roman culture, Roman everything!
  • Poetry Club

    Those who love writing poems or listening to the works of art their friends have crafted enjoy the Poetry Club, where they can experience creativity at work in their fellow poets from sixth graders to seniors.
  • Recycling Brigade

    Helps Oakcrest continue becoming a green environment.  Members learn a lot about environmental sustainability and make an impact on the entire school building and its grounds!
  • Live Right Club

    Living right is good for everyone! Hydration, exercise, good sleeping habits, the right food, they all contribute to being healthy, having energy, being able to concentrate when you study, and much more. Learn more than you ever thought possible in the Live Right Club so that you can help others live right!
  • Astronomy Club

    For star-gazers curious about the mysteries of our solar system and the chance to explore our amazing universe!
  • Chinese Club

    你好!你好 Nǐ hǎo! Nǐ hǎo ma! A club for those who want to learn to speak Chinese and know more about Chinese culture and traditions. This is your chance! Come and learn with us.
  • French Club

    Bonjour! Comment allez-vous? In the French Club you will learn how to talk about daily life.
  • Nurses/Doctors Club

    Students interested in the medical field learn more about what it means to be a nurse or doctor.
  • International Club

    Join us to discuss topics of global importance, learn about cultures and the importance of the traditions in these cultures.


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  • Harp Circle

    Harp Circle welcomes students who want to sharpen their skills as well as those who have never played before. It meets in two different sessions a week—one for beginners and one for more advanced harpers. Besides regular meetings, Harp Club participants perform at a variety of events. Past venues have included the Reston Farmer’s Market and the National Association of Secondary School Principals Reception in Washington, DC.
  • Improv Club

    The improv club immerses students in the art of improvisation—creating a piece of theatre on the spot without any preparation. Students learn different short-form improv games (similar to those popularized by the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?) as well as structures for long-form improvised scenes and plays.
  • Noteworthy A Cappella

    Students perform their favorite songs a capella, arranged and sung by students.
  • Sound Bites

    Sound Bites is a club for students who want to practice musical performance arts, learn new techniques, and participate in a coffee house performance once per quarter at Oakcrest.

Middle School Clubs

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  • 7th Grade Club

  • Middle School Book Club

    Calling all bookworms! Oakcrest’s Middle School is full of girls who love to read! Each month the members of the club pick a book to read and then discuss the following month
  • What It Means to Be an Oakie

    During this weekly club which meets at lunch time, all sixth graders join their class deans and guest speakers to explore what it means to be an Oakcrest girl.
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