The cornerstone of an Oakcrest education is our mentoring program. Mentors meet regularly one-on-one with students, and girls can seek them out for encouragement in academics, friendships, and service to others. Acting in partnership with the parents, the mentor guides each student as she works on her own personal growth. At Oakcrest students develop the lifelong habit of seeking good advice from the wisdom of others and working on personal goals for growth.  

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  • 1:1

    Student-Mentor Ratio

  • 100%

    Of students are mentored

  • 70%

    Of female faculty and staff are mentors

I think the mentoring program is so special, and I have been so grateful for it. I have been able to grow a relationship of trust with my mentor, and I feel like I can talk to her about everything and always count on her advice.
- 11th Grader
I really appreciate the mentor program. I think that the idea of being able to connect with an older, wiser woman and to be able to just talk to them or ask advice is very important for girls in middle school and especially high school. I also appreciate that a lot of people in today's society can't afford to go to a school like Oakcrest and I feel very lucky that my parents and teachers are investing so much time and effort into my education.
- 9th Grader
I love the environment. I know that's broad, but it's the only term that encompasses everything. I love how supportive my friends are. I love how wise the teachers are and I especially love the mentoring program. I don't know where I would be without my mentor.
- 11th grader
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