• Elizabeth Black

What Makes Science at Oakcrest Stand Out?

Dear Friends,
The Oakcrest education is an education in human excellence, an education of the whole person. This liberal arts education frees young women to pursue the True, Good and Beautiful. To this end, our integrated curriculum awakens the young woman's mind and rigorously challenges her to think for herself. The delight this arouses inspires her to begin a lifelong quest of her own.
This education of the whole person begins with parent partnership, a key component to our Oakcrest education. Collaboration between parents and educators provides a strong support system for girls as they mature into strong and virtuous women. Recognizing that parents are the primary educators of their daughters, Oakcrest seeks to support and complement parents in their joyful task of raising women of character. Parents and educators “row together” as they guide each girl to become the best version of herself.
Moreover, our exceptional all-female faculty see themselves as educators and mentors. They instill their students with a love of learning, guide them to develop their interests, help them to grow through their mistakes, and challenge them to achieve academic excellence. They accompany, encourage, and inspire the girls to become women of intellectual maturity and strong character.
Our liberal arts education provides a rigorous yet balanced course load. We understand that young women should enjoy a fully enriching life with time for family, friendships, and faith. Education here at Oakcrest happens both in and outside of the classroom: through friendships, clubs, sports, and mentoring. Indeed, because our graduates are formed in and intent on pursuing excellence in every area of their lives, they go on to excel in college and beyond.

Oakcrest is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement.
Please enjoy reading our Course Selection Guide. In it you will find the course descriptions for each academic class as well as a delineation of the rich academic experience for each grade.
Dean of Faculty and Curriculum