• Cecilia Márquez

      Cecilia Márquez

Dear Friends,

It is a true honor for us at Oakcrest School to be entrusted with a young girl’s academic growth. We look forward to strengthening our partnership with parents, the primary educators, and collaboratively working with them to develop their daughter’s character and leadership skills.

We at Oakcrest firmly support a challenging, yet balanced course load for all of our students. This approach recognizes that students should challenge themselves, not only intellectually, but also by engaging in a rich extracurricular life, seeing family, faith, and friendships as vital areas for growth in giving of time and talent.

The Oakcrest graduate does exceedingly well in college and beyond because she has experienced this “whole person” education. Our school offers an education that succeeds in tapping into a student’s freedom and ability to seek true learning as a self-directed search for knowledge and truth.

Thus, the students are launched on the path of becoming lifelong learners, with the curiosity and self-discipline that characterizes those who pursue knowledge. This process takes the dedication of each teacher in each discipline, and is brought forward as each girl learns to meet the challenges of each year. At Oakcrest, we have the added advantages of the mentoring program, and a mission shared by parents and school.

As the foundation of our liberal arts curriculum, the Course Selection Guide outlines each academic class. Each course preserves and teaches the ability to think ethically, logically, rationally and imaginatively. Therefore, our dynamic and rich curriculum seamlessly balances tradition and innovation.

Every Oakcrest educator strives to fully understand the transcendental value of shaping the minds and hearts of our students during their formative adolescent years. I am confident that the Oakcrest program is the best foundation a girl could have for college and beyond.


Cecilia Márquez
Academic Dean

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