The mentoring program not only differentiates us from other schools but also nourishes every aspect of life at Oakcrest. Each student is given the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with a mentor, who is a member of the faculty, staff, or broader Oakcrest community. The goal is to help each girl take an active role in her own development. Students meet regularly with their mentors and are encouraged to seek them out at any time. In partnership with parents, mentors contribute their own insights and understanding to the mentee with the common goal of helping her become the person she is meant to be.



Service lies at the heart of leadership and character education at Oakcrest. All girls fulfill a specified number of hours serving others in their homes and communities. Working with the student council, girls can initiate school-based service programs. The school community also comes together throughout the year to work on projects that assist people and programs in our local communities.

Alydia Ullman ('20)

The best thing about Oakcrest is their willingness to work with the student’s ideas on how to make Oakcrest a better place. Any girl is able to take the initiative to start a new club, create service programs, or found new traditions. This brings forth leaders in Oakcrest who are able to take a stand and contribute to their community. I have never been anywhere else that has more people taking the initiative to have a beneficial impact in their society than Oakcrest.

Leadership Workshops

Monthly leadership workshops cover a wide range of personal development and leadership skills. We invite outside speakers  to lead practical discussions, often using case studies. The workshops help students understand specific aspects of leadership, character development, and virtue, fostering a moral awareness and a deepening self-knowledge.

Middle School

Upper School


The Oakcrest L.E.A.D. (Leadership - Experience - Academics - Daring) Program is designed to extend the learning process outside the classroom and school walls. Through this initiative, our students have the opportunity to be exposed to engaging professionals in leadership positions and participate in service projects, team building experiences, and other intellectually stimulating opportunities that bring our mission to life. Themes targeted through leadership workshops, class field trips and guest speakers include: 

  • Cultivating Women as Trustees of Humanity 
  • Transforming our Culture through Servant Leadership and Beauty 
  •  Promoting a Spirit of Citizenship and Service 
  •  Stewardship of Our Resources 
  • Leadership through Courage 
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