Our founders designed the mission of an all-girls school with elements that bring out the best in girls: personal mentoring, an all-female faculty with excellence in content and delivery, virtue-based character education, a loving and practical instruction in the faith, and parent collaboration. This wise plan comes from a deep understanding of women and what they need in their formative years to gain the best foundation. 

Character Development is woven throughout our curriculum and program, but here are some essential aspects:


The cornerstone of an Oakcrest education is our mentoring program. Mentors meet regularly one-on-one with students, and girls can seek them out for encouragement in academics, friendships, and service to others. Acting in partnership with the parents, the mentor guides each student as she works on her own personal growth. At Oakcrest students develop the lifelong habit of seeking good advice from the wisdom of others and working on personal goals for growth.

Leadership Workshops

Leadership Workshops engage students in discussions that foster ethical, reflective thinking and moral decision-making. Leadership Workshops encourage personal growth in virtue, and empathetic understanding  of the viewpoints of others.  Past speakers have included Jennifer Pharr Davis, author and renowned hiker of the Appalachian Trail, and Immaculée Ilibagiza, Rwandan genocide survivor.  


Service lies at the heart of leadership and character education at Oakcrest. All girls fulfill a specified number of hours serving others in their homes and communities. Working with the student council, girls can initiate school-based service programs. The school community also comes together throughout the year to work on projects that assist people and programs in our local communities.



The Oakcrest L.E.A.D. (Leadership - Experience - Academics - Daring) Program extends the learning process outside the classroom and school walls. Through this initiative, our students have the opportunity to be exposed to engaging professionals in leadership positions and participate in service projects, team building experiences, and other intellectually stimulating opportunities that bring our mission to life. Themes targeted through leadership workshops, class field trips and guest speakers include: 
  • Cultivating Women as Trustees of Humanity 
  • Transforming our Culture through Servant Leadership and Beauty 
  •  Promoting a Spirit of Citizenship and Service 
  •  Stewardship of Our Resources 
  • Leadership through Courage