Parent Support Resources

Welcome to our Parent Resources page! Explore our many parent resources, from our monthly programs to the podcast channel. We invite Oakcrest parents and their friends to join us for our many parent support events throughout the school year.

Kimbrely and Brooks H.

As parents we strive to teach our children solid principles founded in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also recognize their agency and individual talents.  So we look for opportunities to teach them how to use their agency wisely and to develop their unique talents.  The fundamental principles we teach our children are (1) they are children of God, (2) they are loved by God and their Savior, (3) families are central to God’s plan for us, and (4) we can find peace in keeping the commandments, righteous living, and serving others.

Even though we are not Catholic,  we chose Oakcrest because we appreciate and agree with its high moral standards and Christian teachings.

Oakcrest’s mission statement aligns with our parenting philosophy.   Oakcrest places a focus on the development of intellect, character, faith and leadership potential - all things we value and strive to teach our children.  Oakcrest has been a school where the principles we teach at home are reinforced at school.


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  • Art of Living for Women

    The Art of Living for Women is a series of seminars on the art of creating a home that fosters human flourishing. Learn more about this year's Art of Living workshop here
  • Coffee with the Head of School

    Join Head of School Mary T. Ortiz once a month as she gives a talk on some aspect of educating young women. Come for the coffee and stay for the conversation!
  • Family Enrichment

    Family Enrichment uses the case-study method to train participants to identify needs, solve problems, and set goals in their own families. Participants meet in regular sessions throughout the school year. Learn more here
  • Thursday Tea & Talk

    Our monthly Thursday Teas give faculty members the opportunity to share their areas of expertise with parents, whether it’s inquiry based learning in STEM or forming the conscience through literature and the imagination. 
  • Oakcrest Fathers Club

    The Oakcrest Fathers Club has grown from its beginnings as a group of dads in search of fellowship into a vibrant organization that brings together Oakcrest fathers to actively support the Oakcrest community. From decorating the school for Christmas to the Father/Daughter Dance, the Oakcrest Fathers Club plays leadership roles in organizing and hosting fun events for everyone to enjoy, while encouraging fathers to make friendships among themselves. Learn more about the Oakcrest Fathers Club here
  • Oakcrest Parent Association (OPA)

    The Oakcrest Parent Association (OPA) serves the school in recruiting and organizing parent volunteers for various school events and activities. OPA members lead and coordinate important functions such as monthly teas, coffees with the Head of School, faculty appreciation, and family support. Learn more about OPA here

    Oakcrest Parent Association Board 

    Chair: Denise Mohler
    Vice Chair: Laura Mochen 
    School Liaison, Director of Parent Support: Terri Collins
    Upper School Room Parent Coordinator: Tina Monahan
    Middle School Room Parent Coordinator: Tristan Bourdelais
    Family Support Coordinator: Robin Diller
    Treasurer: Celeste Pozo
    Hospitality: Linda Esquivel, Susan Moore, and Nicole Guenther
    Volunteer Coordinator: Kerry Haslam
    Secretary: Julia McDonnell
Coffee with the Head: Gratitude
Seventh Annual O'Donovan Humanities Lecture—Ancient and Modern Grief: Presence and Absence
Coffee with the Head: Forgiveness 
Coffee with the Head: Making the Most of Summer
Tea and Talk: The Beauty of Modern Art through the Lens of Marie Cassatt and Helen Frankenthaler
Tea and Talk: Helping Your Daughter Form Her Moral Imagination Through Good Books 
Tea and Talk: Homer's Portrayal of Emotion and His Poignant Depiction of "Home"
January 8, 2022 Mary Rice Hasson Presentation 
1619 Crowell Road, Vienna, VA 22182