Art of Living

Thank you for attending the 2023 Art of Living Workshop: Beautiful by Design!
Saturday, February 18
9:00 am to 2:00 pm (lunch included) 
Walsh Hall

This Art of Living workshop is entitled Beautiful by Design. This is another opportunity for continued "professional development" for Oakcrest moms and their friends. Women of all ages are invited to participate in this workshop to delve into the value of the care for the home and the importance of self-care to help increase the quality of our love and work.

Our speakers will inspire us and provide practical advice for your family life to flourish. You will also have a chance to exchange personal anecdotes and advice during lunch. 

Our speakers will include:

· Carrie Gress, Author and Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center on Restoring a Theology of Home

· Luise Faust, Artist and Homemaker on Appealing Room Arrangements and DIY Practicals

· Ana Bethencourt Yrausquin: Psychologist and Mental Health Counselor with Julie Larkin: Founder of Girl Talk will co-present on Self-care: The Art and Science of Effective Self-gift
Thanks to everyone who joined us for our 2022 Art of Living:
Simply Beautiful at Home Workshop! 
The Oakcrest Parent Support team offered a special workshop for Oakcrest mothers and their friends on Saturday, February 5 from 9:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The workshop was entitled Simply Beautiful at Home. This was another opportunity for continued "professional development" of our parenting skills. Oakcrest used the resources of an organization called Art of Living for Women. 

The aim of this workshop was to help women grow in an appreciation for the work of the home, create simple meals and provide practical tips on home decor. Home can be a place where, regardless of the size of your family, those in the home will experience love, safety and respect. St. Josemaria said, “Love is what turns mere living together into family life."

Speakers included:

  • Kelly O’Leary: Home Seminar Consultant - Enkindling a Greater Love for the Home 
  • Monica Kearns: Interior Designer - Simple Decorative Touches 
  • Glee Hoonhout: Professional Baker - Making Simple Breads and Soups
Speaker Bios 

Glee Hoonhout

Glee Hoonhout is a former pastry chef and bread baker for several restaurants and bakeries in the Boston area. Her love for baking started with her Susie Bake oven at the age of seven , and eventually took her through the Culinary Program at the Metropolitan College at Boston University where she graduated with distinction in theory and practice. She was the winner of the Northeast Division of the Bread Baking Competition sponsored by Godiva Chocolates in 1995 and went on to compete at the James Beard House in New York City for the national competition in 1996. She has published in Fine Cooking Magazine, and was the owner of Morning Star Pastries on Long Island from 2008-2011. Her greatest accomplishments with her culinary skills are when she brings joy to the table for her husband Michael, and their three sons Tobias, John Luke and Noah!

Kelly O'Leary

Kelly O’Leary is the Program Director of Stonecrest Home Arts, a non-profit organization in Washington, DC, and she is the project manager for Stonecrest’s expansion into Northern Virginia.  Kelly one of the founders of the Art of Living, focusing in particular on programs for middle school and high school girls.  She also works as the manager of domestic services at Reston Study Center in Reston, VA.
She has a master’s degree in Gastronomy from Boston University.  She worked for four years as a hospitality management professor and for 10 years on the management team of Bayridge University Residence located in the Ayer Mansion, the oldest Tiffany designed building in the country and now a National landmark.   In 2006, Cooking Light magazine featured Kelly in her work at Bayridge in their “Enlightened Cook” section.  Kelly has lectured extensively on the importance of food and the home on human life and culture. 
Currently, she manifests her lifelong passions for home, food, and classical music on friends and family—and anyone else who is vaguely interested—by giving talks and seminars—whenever she is asked!   
1619 Crowell Road, Vienna, VA 22182