Art of Living for Women Workshop Returns to Oakcrest

Oakcrest Parent Support is once again offering the Art of Living for Women, a workshop on the art of creating a home that fosters human flourishing. This year’s event, titled “Longing for Home,” will take place on campus on January 25 from 8:45 am - 12:30 pm and focuses on creating order and beauty in the home.

The workshop includes practical interactive classes and a luncheon. It is open to women of all ages including Oakcrest parents, faculty and friends.

The Art of Living for Women’s modular curriculum combines classes, demonstrations and hands-on experiences, giving women the skills they need to care for their family with confidence and artistry. “The aim of this workshop is to help women in the art of creating a home atmosphere that is orderly and inviting,” says Terri Collins, Director of Oakcrest Parent Support. “We will focus on analyzing the space we have and how to make it organized and peaceful. Home can be a place where, regardless of the size of your family, those in the home will experience love, safety and respect. St. Josemaria said, ‘Love is what turns mere living together into family life.’” 

Speakers at the Longing for Home workshop will include: 

  • Leah Moss, Interior Decorator and Oakcrest Mother: “Home: A Gathering Place”
  • Lourdes Arguello, Lifestyle Consultant and Oakcrest Mother: “Basic Strategies of Decluttering: Paper Paralysis”
  • Kate Hadley, Director of Mentoring at Oakcrest School: “Beautiful By Design: The Joy of a Well-Designed Closet” 

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Oakcrest is committed to supporting parents as the primary educators of their daughters. By offering continuing education programs for parents, we assist parents in their noble mission of forming their daughters to be passionate, confident, empathetic and service-oriented leaders.

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