Family Enrichment at Oakcrest

What if you could take a graduate level course in parenting? Receive in-depth insights and discuss real-life family scenarios with both your peers and experts? Oakcrest Parent Support offers just such an opportunity with its annual Family Enrichment course.

Family Enrichment is a set of courses designed to help married couples with personal, marital, and parental development. Using the case study method used in many business schools, parents strengthen relationships, become better parents, develop strong problem-solving habits, and foster and deepen friendships.

This year’s Family Enrichment course, “Marriage Is a Journey,” focuses on matrimonial love. It is designed for married couples of all ages who want to strengthen their marriage and deepen their personal growth. The course helps couples analyze five common scenarios from marriages and develop problem-solving strategies. A trained moderator helps participants to unpack the cases by systematically examining each case’s facts, problems, and potential solutions.

A free demonstration classes for parents considering enrolling in the course will take place on November 3 at 2:00 pm. The course officially runs on five Saturdays between November 2019 and May 2020.  

All Oakcrest parents are invited and welcome to bring friends. 

“Attending a ‘demo’ before signing up for ‘Marriage Is a Journey,’ allows you to experience the dynamic nature of the case study method, which provokes thoughtful participation and an exchange of ideas,” says Joana Allen, Course Coordinator, who works with Terri Collins, Director of Parent Support at Oakcrest. 

Register for the free demo here. Register for the full course here. Learn more about our Parent Support Program and the many opportunities we offer parents for continuing education and friendship here

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