Oakies Celebrate Successful Fundraising for School Charity

Oakcrest students succeeded in raising over $1,000 for this year’s school charity, the Love for Children and Mothers Organization. Based in Ethiopia, this organization helps single mothers in Ethiopia gain independence and financial stability.


Students worked steadily to gather funds for this cause throughout the year, and each grade, from 6 through 12, contributed. Funds were raised through a variety of fun campaigns, including a schoolwide raffle and also the annual Cake Decorating Competition—where Middle School students decorated elaborate cakes according to a theme and and sold them to the student body for a few dollars per slice.

Each year the school decides on a charity that the entire student body will work together to give to. The idea for this year’s cause came thanks to Falan Kifle (‘20), member of the Executive Student Council, whose own family is from Ethiopia and whose aunt founded the Love for Children and Mothers Organization. According to Falan, the organization has been thrilled by the outpouring of love and support from Oakies—and the staff sent Oakcrest a heartwarming thank-you, which you can see  here.

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