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Teachers Thrive at Oakcrest 
"Oakcrest has a culture that builds people up, and so much of that comes from our fabulous teachers. Education is personal. Our faculty know and love this. They know that teaching is a relational work, and that relationality has its own flavor in an all-girls environment.  A school can never be better than its teachers. They are hired for their expertise in their subject—80 percent have advanced degrees or post-graduate certificates—as well as their commitment to our mission." 

—Mary T. Ortiz, Ph.D., Head of School
Oakcrest School, in partnership with parents, challenges girls in grades 6-12 to develop their intellect, character, faith, and leadership potential to thrive in college and throughout their lives.
Guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church and the spirituality of Opus Dei, we weave together a rich liberal arts curriculum, character development, one-on-one mentoring and service to create a vibrant environment that graduates confident, young women–young women who will make a difference in all they choose to do.
What Makes the Oakcrest Mission So Special?
What Makes Teaching at Oakcrest So Special? 
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