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  • Everyday Practical Skills in Five Easy Lessons

    Oakcrest Podcast
    Director of Parent Support Terri Collins and Director of Mentoring Kate Hadley talk about the most important practical life skills to teach your children before they enter adulthood.
  • The Best Social Skills to Teach Your Child Before She Goes to College

    Oakcrest Podcast
    Director of Parent Support Terri Collins and Director of Mentoring Kate Hadley are back, this time with a discussion on important social skills that will serve your child well through her whole life.
  • How to Make the Most of Family Dinner Conversations

    Oakcrest Podcast
    Director of Parent Support Terri Collins talks with her daughters, who are Oakcrest alumnae, about the value of family dinner conversations and how to make them fun and meaningful.
  • The 10 Best Chores to Teach Your Children

    Oakcrest Podcast
    Director of Mentoring Kate Hadley and members of her family discuss the value of chores in family life and the best ones to teach your children.

  • The 10 Best Fun Things to Do with Family and Friends During Quarantine

    Oakcrest Podcast
    Director of Parent Support Terri Collins and Director of Mentoring Kate Hadley discuss fun and creative activities that friends and families can do when spending time together, whether in person or virtually. 
  • Nancy (Williams) Miggins ('98)

    At the heart of every Oakcrest student and alumna is a spirit of service. If you review the Portrait of an Oakcrest Graduate, leadership and a spirit of collaboration that inspire students to serve are key to Oakcrest’s unique mission. The recent Covid-19 pandemic put that quality to the test in a very real way for Oakcrest  current staculty member and alumna, Nancy (Williams) Miggins (‘98).
  • Maddy Moss (‘24)

    When Maddy Moss (‘24) first visited Oakcrest in fifth grade, she was blown away by the warmth and kindness she saw in the students. 
  • Leslie Kanuch

    Science, Foreign Languages, Computer Programming
    After eight years of serving the United States Marine Corps, Ms. Leslie Kanuch decided it was time for a new adventure. She found her way to a faculty position at Oakcrest, where she currently teaches AP Physics, Honors Physics, Latin IV/V and Computer Programming. 
  • Big Battles in Small Spaces: The Balance Between Viruses, the Immune System, and the Unknown

    Oakcrest Podcast
    Oakcrest science teacher Dr. Kat Hussmann takes listeners on an exploration of the history of viruses, what viruses are, what they do to our bodies, and the cutting-edge technology available to scientists. 
  • How Strong Fathers Form Strong Daughters

    Oakcrest Podcast
    A discussion of the important role that fathers play in the lives of their daughters. Oakcrest Dean of Students Meghan Hadley and faculty member Ginny Boles share memories and anecdotes about how their fathers helped form them into the women they are today.
  • Lourdes Bobbio (‘11)

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Penn State University
    Lourdes Bobbio (‘11) was first introduced to the joy of science at Oakcrest. Now she is pursuing it full time as a materials science and engineering Ph.D. candidate at Penn State University.
  • Falan Kifle (‘20)

    Whether it’s serving as Student Council president or being active in her local community, Falan Kifle (‘20) is always looking for ways to help and get involved. And she has found many opportunities to grow as a leader at Oakcrest. 
  • College ‘Fit’ness: Admission to Graduation

    Oakcrest Podcast
    Oakcrest's College Counseling department hosted a discussion of what students and parents can do to prepare for the college application process, and how to find the school that's the best fit for them. 
  • What Does It Mean to Be Human? Freedom and Ethical Choice

    Oakcrest Podcast
    Dr. Edwina Maksym discusses freedom, virtue, conscience and much more in this fourth installment of the What Does It Mean to Be Human series. 
  • 19th Century Art from Classical Revival to Modernism: A Brief Overview

    Oakcrest Podcast
     AP Art History teacher Victoria Bigliano traces the history of the transition from classical portraiture and art technique to the Impressionists and the birth of modernism. 

  • Katie Swedo Beatty (‘07)

    If you ask Katie (Swedo) Beatty (‘07) what Oakcrest means to her, she will tell you, “Through my time at Oakcrest, I found my best friends, my faith and my husband. To say that those six years had a lifelong impact on my future would be an understatement.”  
  • Sarah Robertson

    Assistant Athletic Director, Head Softball Coach
    Sarah Robertson joined the Oakcrest community this year as Assistant Athletic Director and also as Head Softball Coach. She has jumped right into the life of the school, making valuable contributions to the athletics program.

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