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  • Chargers Kick Off Winter Sports Season

    Oakcrest’s winter sports season is off to a strong start, with over 100 students competing on a winter sports team. This year Oakcrest has five basketball teams—Varsity, JV, Middle School Green, Middle School White and Middle School Gold—as well as two swim teams—Varsity and Middle School. 
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  • Oakcrest to Welcome Director for the Office of Non-Public Education

    Maureen Dowling, Director for the Office of Non-Public Education (ONPE) in the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of the Secretary, will visit Oakcrest School on November 20.
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  • Oakcrest Parenting Seminar Will Share Vision of Academic Success

    On Saturday, November 23 at 7:00 pm, Oakcrest School will hold an event for parents entitled “The Path to Academic Success.” Faculty will share Oakcrest’s vision of academic success, and parents will leave with a renewed vision of their role in their daughter’s academic flourishing. The panel is part of Oakcrest’s Adventures in Parenting series.
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  • Oakcrest Intern Leads New 7th Grade Club in Discussion of Friendship

    This year, Oakcrest inaugurated the 7th Grade Club, an opportunity for Class of 2025 to meet regularly and discuss ways to grow in friendship and have fun together. The club is led this semester by Blanca Fernandez, who is from Seville, Spain and is serving as an Oakcrest intern.
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  • Debate Team Moderator Christine Nussio

    Oakcrest Debate Team Holds Mock Tournament

    On Saturday, October 26, Oakcrest’s Debate Team held a mock debate tournament at school. Eight debate team members spent the day preparing cases and debating each other in order to train for the Washington-Arlington Catholic Forensic League Lincoln Douglas Debate. 
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  • Family Enrichment at Oakcrest

    What if you could take a graduate level course in parenting? Receive in-depth insights and discuss real-life family scenarios with both your peers and experts? Oakcrest Parent Support offers just such an opportunity with its annual Family Enrichment course.
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  • Oakcrest to Welcome National Geographic Adventurer for Leadership Workshop

    On November 21, Oakcrest will welcome author and 2012 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Jennifer Pharr Davis to campus. Mrs. Pharr Davis will conduct leadership workshops tailored for each grade level, using stories from her experiences on the trail to talk to students about overcoming challenges through resiliency, adaptability, and teamwork. 
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  • Oakcrest's Respect Life Club

    Oakcrest Will Lead the 47th Annual March For Life

    Oakcrest is proud to announce that it has been chosen to lead the 47th Annual March for Life. The March will take place in Washington, DC, on January 24, 2020.
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  • Oakcrest Continues All-School Service Day Tradition

    Oakcrest School held its annual All-School Service Day, an honored tradition dedicated to serving the surrounding community.
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  • Oakies Continue Strong Fall Season at DCXC Meet

    Oakcrest’s Athletics is continuing a strong fall season. The Cross Country teams made impressive showings at the DCXC Meet in Washington, DC on September 28. The Middle School team placed 7 out of 17 teams. 
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  • Oakcrest Seniors Named National Merit Scholarship Commended Students

    Oakcrest Class of 2020 students Elizabeth Crishock, Angela Diaz-Bonilla, Madelyn Mislock, and Julia Fischer have been named National Merit Scholarship Commended Students. 
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  • Oakcrest Volleyball Program Grows

    Oakcrest’s volleyball program is experiencing strong growth and exciting new opportunities this year. 
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  • Workshop Prepares Seniors for College Application Success

    Oakcrest seniors are working hard with the College Counseling Department to prepare for the college application process. Last week they attended a Senior Success Planning Workshop led by Jayne Fonash, president-elect of the National Association for College Admission Counseling.
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  • Family Enrichment at Oakcrest

    What if you could take a graduate level course in parenting? Receive in-depth insights and discuss real-life family scenarios with both your peers and experts? Oakcrest Parent Support offers just such an opportunity with its annual Family Enrichment course.
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  • Oakcrest Theology Teacher to Visit the Holy Land

    Whether it’s studying abroad or presenting papers at a conference, Oakcrest teachers are involved in all types of impressive professional development opportunities. One of those opportunities recently came up for Holly Salls, theology teacher and student life coordinator at Oakcrest. In February of 2020, Ms. Salls will travel to Jerusalem for the Holy Land Dialogues program. 
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  • Oakie Excels at Summer Harp Program

    Annaliese Anderson (‘21) spent a week this summer playing traditional harp at Oberlin College, Ohio, as part of a program run by the Ohio Scottish Arts School. 
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  • Students Complete Successful First Mission Trip

    On Saturday, August 10, Oakcrest students arrived in Kingston, Jamaica, for the first mission trip in Oakcrest’s history.
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  • Oakcrest Visits Peruvian Sister School

    Oakcrest’s Director of International Programs, Carolina Agostini, recently traveled to Lima, Peru and was invited to visit sister school Colegio Salcantay. Carolina and her daughter Giorgina (‘15)  were invited by Pilar García de Navarro, Head of School, to a dance festival at Colegio Salcantay celebrating Peru's Independence Day.
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  • Grads Make History Presenting at AATSP Conference

    Recent graduates and Advanced Spanish students Sofia Summitt (‘19), Natalia Gomez-Quintero (‘19), Julka Syska (‘19), and Helen Molteni (‘19) presented original research at the annual conference of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) in San Diego on Monday, July 8. 
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  • Alumna to Run for UCLA Track Team

    Recent graduate Lily James ('19) has been offered a spot on UCLA's Track & Field team and will officially run for the Bruins, a Division I team, next year.
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Portraits & Conversations

  • Christie Keuchel

    Associate Head of School - Students
    Christie Keuchel, Associate Head of School - Students, is a truly rooted member of the Oakcrest community. Since 2007, she has had the joy of seeing Oakcrest grow and bring its mission of educating the whole person to hundreds of girls. 
  • Xiaoyi Zuo (‘20)

    Oakcrest’s International Program has a long tradition of welcoming students of all faiths and backgrounds. In 2017, the school greeted Xiaoyi Zuo (‘20) from Beijing, China, and she has been thriving here ever since.  
  • Mary Cate (left) and Anna Diederich

    Mary Cate (‘15) and Anna (‘17) Diederich

    University of Richmond and University of Notre Dame
    Anna and Mary Cate Diederich are Oakcrest alumnae sisters who are putting their Oakcrest education and God-given talents to use in very different and fascinating ways.
  • Logic & Rhetoric 101

    Dean of Faculty and Curriculum, Elizabeth Black, gives Oakcrest parents their very own mini-class in Logic & Rhetoric, an essential class in our liberal arts curriculum. 

  • A Father’s Role in Dating

    Oakcrest Podcast
    Oakcrest alumna parent Michael Moynihan (Theresa,'18) shares his perspective on the awesome task of raising daughters and sons who embrace God's plan for human love and marriage. 


  • Meg Gargulinski (‘11)

    After graduating from Oakcrest in 2011, Meg Gargulinski knew that Oakcrest had given her the intellectual foundation, confidence, and habits of character to guide her future.
  • Catherine Courtney

    Director of Academic Advising & Librarian
    As the Director of Academic Advising and Librarian at Oakcrest School, Catherine Scalia Courtney loves introducing students to the many wonders of the school’s rich liberal arts curriculum as she assists them in making decisions about their studies.
  • Delina (‘22) and Danayit (‘25) Bereket

    Delina and Danayit Bereket are enjoying their first year at Oakcrest School together. Delina started at Oakcrest last year as a freshman, and this year her sister Danayit joins her at Oakcrest as a member of the seventh grade. 
  • Confident Parent Leadership

    Oakcrest Podcast
    Director of Parent Support Terri Collins dives into the philosophy behind Oakcrest's Parent Support Program, and describes the many exciting opportunities the school offers for parents.

  • Elizabeth Black

    Dean of Faculty and Curriculum
    With over ten years in education, seven of which have been at Oakcrest, Elizabeth Black is both a seasoned and beloved member of the faculty. This year, she takes on a new role as the Dean of Faculty and Curriculum, guiding curriculum development and mentoring the faculty.
  • Rima Al-Mosawy (‘23)

    “I realized that the Oakcrest environment was something I had never seen at any school before. It felt like a home from the start,” says Rima Al-Mosawy, a freshman at Oakcrest. Rima is grateful to be at Oakcrest along with her older sister Dima (‘22). And that feeling of being at home hasn’t faded for her.
  • Maritere Crum ('91)

    Maritere Crum (’91) returns to her Oakcrest roots as she takes on the role of President of the Oakcrest Alumnae Association this year. While she only attended Oakcrest as a junior and senior, Maritere says, “They proved to be the two years that formed me the most into the woman I am today.”
  • Lia Ridout ('85)

    Each year, millions of pilgrims seek physical and spiritual healing at Lourdes, France, the site of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s apparitions to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858. This spring, Oakcrest alumna Lia Ridout (‘85) joined that number as she went on the Order of Malta’s annual Lourdes pilgrimage. 
  • Cora Haefner (’19)

    Although Cora Haefner graduates on June 8, she’ll never forget the many lessons she’s learned at Oakcrest. As she heads off to West Point for college, she is confident that her Oakcrest education has prepared her for the challenges and adventures ahead.
  • Laura Cermak (’15)

    Since bidding farewell to Oakcrest, Laura Cermak ('15) has accomplished a lot and she's just getting started.
  • Elizabeth Crishock (’20)

    From her passion for helping girls love STEM to her dedication to all things theatrical, Elizabeth shares her gifts both at Oakcrest and in the broader community. 
  • Dr. Edwina Maksym

    If there’s anyone who knows Oakcrest well, it’s Dr. Edwina Maksym.
  • Annie Howard (’25)

    Annie Howard (’25) started her journey as an Oakie this year in sixth grade. Over her first two semesters here, she’s learned a lot, tried different extracurricular activities, and enjoyed making Oakcrest her home.
  • Alexandra Gadiano Haraczy (’12)

    University of Michigan Medical Student
    Alexandra (Gadiano) Haraczy (’12) keeps the lessons she learned at Oakcrest close by every day.
  • Anne Miller

    Music Master Teacher
     "Music can add beauty to students' lives," says Oakcrest Music Master Teacher Anne Miller.
  • Inspiring Faculty

    Podcast by Oakcrest Faculty
    Science teacher Angela Fortunato, English and classical languages teacher Elizabeth Black, history teacher Ginny Boles and Theology teacher Holly Salls share how they tell the human story in each of their subject areas. 
  • Lost and Found

    Podcast by Amy Miller, Oakcrest Parent
    Oakcrest parent Amy Miller—mom to two current Oakies, one alumna and one future Oakie—talks about how she made the decision to send her daughters to Oakcrest and why she's so happy that she did. 
  • The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

    Podcast by Latin Teacher Paula Rondon-Burgos
    In an address given for Oakcrest's Fifth Annual O'Donovan Humanities Lecture, Oakcrest Classical languages teacher Paula Rondon-Burgos discusses the life of Marcus Tullius Cicero, a first-century B.C. Roman statesman.

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