The O’Donovan Humanities Lecture is an annual event, featuring scholars and artists from around the country, which aims to instill a deeper appreciation of the importance of the humanities in everyday life. Named after the first Headmistress of Oakcrest, Pat O'Donovan—who opened Oakcrest in 1976 with 22 girls in Washington, D.C.—the lecture honors her legacy as a gifted teacher who could convey to students the joy of learning. Oakcrest hopes to spread this joy to others in the community through this annual lecture. 
Save the Date for the Ninth Annual  O'Donovan Humanities Reception and Lecture on March 2, 2024

2023 Humanities Lecture with Dr. Taryn Okuma

Eighth Annual O'Donovan Humanities Lecture 
Why Read Memoir? 

A literary scholar reflects on the popularity of memoir writing and what it is about memoir as a genre that makes it so appealing to readers. By examining how memoir is both similar to and different from fiction, we can see how the genre provokes us to consider how we read literature, how we conceive of the self, and the nature of our obligations to others.

Meet our Speaker

Dr. Taryn Okuma is an Associate Professor of Practice and Director of the Cornerstone Program at The Catholic University of America School of Arts and Sciences in the Department of English.

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