7th Grade students perform medieval passion plays

The seventh grade theatre class, taught by Visual and Performing Arts Master Teacher Dr. Kristin Ricci, performed a series of three medieval passion plays depicting Noah’s Ark, The Incredulity of Thomas, and The Coronation of Mary. 
The series of performances is based on the medieval tradition of performing Bible stories throughout England and France on the Feast of Corpus Christi. The performing guilds would travel, often on carts, from station to station, town by town, to share their performances with all who came to see them. 

Constructing and designing their own backdrops and costumes for each story, the students gave moving performances at each station to an audience of students and faculty. 

Throughout the seventh grade, students complete a Medieval Portfolio which spans across their various classes to explore the medieval world throughout the year. In their arts and foreign language classes, they complete an illuminated manuscript and they learn to sing Gregorian chant in choral music. In history class, they complete both cathedral and castle projects, alongside both a timeline and an atlas, while their math courses equip them with the scale for drawing their castle project. The portfolio encompasses their knowledge of the medieval period, allowing them to have a strong understanding of the Western culture in which they live. 
    • Students perform the Coronation of Mary.

    • Students depict Noah's Ark.

    • Students acting out the Coronation of Mary.

    • Students show the Incredulity of Thomas.