9th Annual Cake Contest raises funds for school charity

The Middle School Student Council hosted the 9th annual Cake Contest, raising funds for the school’s charity, Charity: Water
Nearly thirty cakes, baked and decorated by students, were entered into the contest which was evaluated by a panel of judges. The theme this year was “logos” - students entered the contest by creating a cake that appeared as a notable brand logo. Logo cake entries ranged from a Target bullseye dog and a United States Postal Service truck to a Sperry shoebox and a Rolex watch. Oakcrest faculty and staff judges reviewed the cakes taking into consideration not just the creativity and accuracy of the design, but the taste of the cake as well. 

Coming in first place, Rima A ‘23, decorated a National Geographic cake that included a nature scene complete with a waterfall. In second place, Lizzie M ‘28 entered a cake that appeared as a Baskin-Robbins ice cream pint with a delicious scoop of “ice cream” cake on top. Alice L ‘27 and Agata S ‘27 created a Chanel cake that was elegant and fancy, adding white chocolate sheets and pearl candies for added flair. The judges also recognized Oakie sisters Emerson A ‘28 and Hayden A ‘29  for their cake featuring the logo of the television show, The Chosen

Oakcrest students purchased slices of cake, and the whole school was able to participate in this fun tradition for students to showcase their creativity in baking skills while supporting a worthy cause. In total, the Cake Contest raised $533.00 that will go directly to bringing fresh water to communities in need through Charity: Water.
    • First Place: National Geographic by Rima A '23

    • Second Place: Baskin-Robbins by Lizzie M '28

    • Third Place: Chanel by Alice L '27 and Agata S '27

    • Honorable Mention: The Chosen by Emerson A '28 and Hayden A '29

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