Ana Rose Soley

For Science Teacher Ana Rose Soley, something she noticed about Oakcrest upon visiting was the joy. Not just the joy among the students, but among the faculty and staff as well. “I love the joy,” she said. “The engagement in learning is evident for both the teachers and the students.”

Mrs. Soley earned a Master in Secondary Science in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Italian from the University of Virginia. After teaching for eight years at a local public school, Mrs. Solely expressed that she was looking for a school with a mission with a group of fellow University of Virginia alumni. UVA alumna and Oakcrest Latin teacher Paula Rondon-Burgos, encouraged her to apply to Oakcrest. After interviewing and observing classes, Mrs. Solely says she fell in love. 

“It is such a supportive and faithful environment,” Mrs. Solely said. “I’m always being enriched by the people around me… I’m excited to come to work and be with these people all day.”

Some of her favorite Oakcrest traditions are the Green Team versus White Team rivalry, especially in the midst of Spirit Weeks in the fall and spring. With a touch of healthy rivalry, Mrs. Solely says the competition is great. She has enjoyed dressing up for Spirit Week theme days and is often seen at Green/White events sporting a green pom-pom and a big “GO GREEN TEAM” poster. 

What sets Oakcrest students apart, she explains, is the high standard that the students are encouraged and supported to reach. “There’s compassion there, but while still wanting them to do better, and be better,” Mrs. Solely said. 

Another important difference in the Oakcrest classroom Mrs. Solely said she found was the school’s cell phone policy. Students are not allowed to have their phones in class, and students in grades 6-9 are not permitted to bring smartphones to campus.

“Having no cellphones during the day changes their whole learning experience,” Mrs. Solely said. “They’re engaging. Everything here is a lot more intentional. We’re not going through the motions. We’re not here to just fill seat hours. We want to arm them as daughters of God and as Trustees of Humanity.”

Now in her second year teaching at Oakcrest, Mrs. Solely enjoys being the 9th grade class dean and coaching 6th grade volleyball, getting to know the students outside of the classroom. “I’m just here to be a person that the students can trust and that is looking out for them and wants the best for them,” she said.
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