Evening of Drama: Another Commissioned work of Art for Oakcrest

The play: Claire Whittman, a Virginia playwright who wrote The Female Quixote, performed by Oakcrest in November of 2020 has written a play for Oakcrest for an all-female cast. 
Moriarty's Daughters, an original story
In the early 1900s, the daughters of Adam Worth, the real life inspiration for Professor Moriarty (the antagonist in Sherlock Holmes), are trying their best to live in peace despite their father's criminal celebrity...but when a mystery presents itself at their doorstep, they may inadvertently wind up in a Sherlock Holmes-style story of their own.

Student participation: The performance features students in grades 6-12 as well as Mrs. Solely and Mrs. Miggins. 

The Date:  There will be one performance on May 14, 2022 in Walsh Hall at 7:00 pm

Cast List:

Moriarty’s Daughter’s Cast

Hope Howard ‘27
Cami Pozo ‘27
Beatrice Worth 
Rebecca Ramia ‘27
Gillian Duffy
Samara O’Byrne ‘27
Ada Worth 
Emerson Allen ‘28
Patience MacDougal
Addie Schneider ‘27
Moirah Duffy 
Mrs. Ana Rose Soley
Q. Morris 
Mariana Bendeck ‘23
Rebecca Wilmer 
Ronnie Navarro ‘25
Caroline D’Armitz 
Josefina Maria Tavella ‘23
Augustina Hughes 
Sophia Miller ‘23


Mariana Bendeck, Bridie Miggins ‘28, Mrs. Nancy Miggins, Sophia Miller, Mia Nash ‘27, Ronnie Navarro, Rebecca Ramia, Lily Sutton ‘25, Josefina Maria Tavella, Maris Thornburg ‘27
*Our ensemble members play a wide variety of roles, bringing the world of Sherlock Holmes to life. 


Keira Luna ‘25
Grace McDonnell ‘22 & Maddie McDonnell ‘26
Carmen Castillo ‘25
Mrs. Alix Baldwin
1619 Crowell Road, Vienna, VA 22182