Keira '25

Keira ‘25 became an Oakie in seventh grade. “I chose Oakcrest, because I wanted an education that both promoted and increased confidence in myself and focused on the educational aspect of school,” she says. 

For Keira, a typical day at Oakcrest starts out with Math and Theology classes in the morning, followed by either attending daily Mass or spending time reading in Enrichment. Her afternoons are filled with Spanish, Biology, Classic and Medieval Literature, and World History. The most memorable class Keira has taken at Oakcrest so far has been Theatre and Public Speaking with Dr. Kristin O’Malley. 

Keira loves the community that Oakcrest’s all-girls environment fosters. One of her favorite memories at Oakcrest has been being sorted into her “sister family”. All Oakcrest students are divided into “families” (named after different plants) that participate in activities and competitions throughout the year such as gingerbread house decorating, special lunches, and more. Each sister family has students from a mix of grades, providing a great way for the older and younger students to get to know each other. Keira is a proud member of the Dogwood family and the Green Team. “The great thing about going to an all-girls school is the sisterhood, and how you can make such genuine friendships with people from all grades,” she explains. 

Keira participates in both sports and the arts at Oakcrest. This past fall she played on Oakcrest’s JV Volleyball team. She is also a theater veteran—she performed in the Oakcrest productions of Junie B. Jones Jr. and The Female Quixote, and she is currently busy with rehearsals for Mary Poppins, in which she will have a part as a featured dancer. Outside of school, she loves dancing and playing with her dogs, Loki and Nike. 
    • Keira performing in Mary Poppins