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Ginny Boles

When Ginny Boles accepted a teaching position at Oakcrest in 2014, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. "I was nervous about teaching at an all-girls school because all my previous educational experience had been co-ed,” she says. Nerves quickly turned to delight as she fell in love with the school, and today, she’s a veteran member of the Oakcrest faculty.

Ginny earned a Bachelor of Arts summa cum laude in Greek and Latin from the University of California, Los Angeles and is pursuing a Master of Arts in American History and Government from Ashland University. She’s been able to bring her love of history and classics to the classroom, having taught both Upper and Middle School American History, Modern World History, Ancient History and Latin. 

“I love passing on enthusiasm,” Ginny explains. “In all my classes, I like discussing topics that have real consequences for today's world: what is the purpose of government? What is the importance of the rule of law as opposed to the rule of a talented individual?  I also really like teaching writing and grammar, which I do whether I'm teaching History, Latin, or English.  Writing is such an important life skill, and doing it well is an art.  It's fun to challenge the girls to write better.”  
Ginny also serves as a Sixth Grade Class Dean. In this role, she helps Oakcrest’s newest students navigate the school, learn about their new home, and practice the virtues that are emphasized in sixth grade: order, generosity of heart, and wonder. She also helps lead Oakcrest’s Sixth Grade Club, which teaches sixth graders about the traditions and culture of Oakcrest and provides an environment for friendships to flourish.  
Ginny treasures many happy memories from her time here. She mentions the annual faculty and staff Christmas luncheon as her favorite day of the year. And she’s enjoyed countless moments of delight, laughter, and thought-provoking conversations in the classroom with her students. It’s been particularly special for her to see the ways in which the Oakcrest education helps young women grow in character and virtue, and the ways in which students carry the lessons they’ve learned with them to college and beyond. 
“So many of them have helped classmates and roommates come closer to the faith, experience the beauty of a strong family for the first time, be exposed to the truth spoken with love for the first time,” she says. “Our Oakies are making an impact through authentic friendships, something that we emphasize here.” 
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