Seniors Cap Off Year with Thesis Presentations

This week, the Class of 2021 formally presented their senior theses.

The thesis is the culmination of the Oakcrest liberal arts education. After entering into the intellectual conversations of the past through her reading of several different primary and secondary sources, the student forms her own ideas on a subject and crafts it into a thesis. 

The thesis and accompanying public presentation provides the experience for Oakcrest seniors to reflect on their liberal arts education and gives them the confidence to continue in their next heroic endeavor. With the guidance of a faculty member, students narrow a topic, and work closely with their advisers to complete research and an annotated bibliography before writing and presenting a formal thesis.
This year’s thesis topics include: 

  • A Wise Man Begins with Wonder: Education in Frankenstein and Hard Times
  • Philosophizing for Evil: The Rise of Modernism and Dostoyevsky’s Chilling Prophecy
  • The Impact of Music on the Soul in Pride and Prejudice and The Great Gatsby
  • The Secret to a Happy Life: An Analysis of Virtuous Friendships in My Antonia and The House of Mirth
  • I Do: What Austen, Wharton, and Fitzgerald Reveal about a Good and Committed Marriage
  • The Key to a Beautiful Home: How a Person’s Interiority Forms a Flourishing Home 
  • Law from a Divine Source: A Female Embodiment of Justice in Antigone and The Merchant of Venice 
  • The Genius of Comic Books: Telling the Complex Story of WWII and the Holocaust

The senior thesis project was created by English master teacher Lisa Kenna nearly ten years ago, and she continues to lead this extraordinary endeavor.  The thesis-writing process, which extends throughout the school year, gives every senior the chance to make connections across disciplines in her writing and present her arguments persuasively, building upon all she has learned at Oakcrest.   As a result, Oakcrest graduates have the experience of researching, writing, and presenting a research paper before starting college.  Outstanding theses are selected for the Edwina Maksym Senior Thesis Award, given to senior theses of exceptional scholarly quality.