Dr. Leonard Sax Returns to Oakcrest

 Family physician and psychologist Dr. Leonard Sax will visit Oakcrest on November 20, 2020 to speak for its annual Adventures in Parenting lecture series, hosted by the school’s Parent Support department.
Dr. Sax will speak to parents at two sessions. The first, from 2:00-3:00 pm, is entitled: “But It's Not the Real World.” Dr Sax will provide evidence-based answers to some of the most common questions about all-girls education, beginning with "The real world is coed; school should prepare kids for the real world; so shouldn't school also be coed?" At 7:00 pm, he will give a talk entitled “Evidence-Based Parenting: Raising Daughters in the 21st Century.” A reception will follow this talk. This will be the second time that Dr. Sax has visited Oakcrest; in 2017 he came to campus to speak on the topic of young women and education. Copies of his updated book Girls on the Edge, which will be published in August 2020, will be available for purchase after the talks.
Dr. Sax graduated Phi Beta Kappa from MIT at the age of nineteen. He earned his Ph.D. in psychology, and his MD, from the University of Pennsylvania. In this presentation, he draws upon his 26 years of clinical experience, as well as his visits to more than 460 schools over the past 19 years, to share his recommendations for his fellow parents. More information about Dr. Sax and his four books, including the New York Times bestseller The Collapse of Parenting, is online at www.leonardsax.com.
Parent partnership is foundational to the mission and philosophy of Oakcrest School, which is committed to supporting parents as the primary educators of their daughters. By offering continuing education programs for parents, the school assists parents in their noble mission of forming their daughters to be passionate, confident, empathetic and service-oriented leaders. Parent support resources can be found at our Parent Partnership page.
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