Oakies Heading to VJCL Convention for Sixth Year

Oakcrest will send sixteen students and three faculty members to the Virginia Junior Classical League (VJCL) Convention on November 24-25. The convention, which takes place in Richmond, hosts hundreds of Latin students from all over the state of Virginia who participate in competitions and activities. This is Oakcrest’s sixth year attending.

The Junior Classical League is a national organization of high school students who study Latin, Greek, and the classical humanities. With members nation-wide and in several foreign countries, it is the largest classical organization in the world. The VJCL Convention will feature competitions ranging from graphic arts to Latin oratory to storytelling and sight reading in Latin. Students will also take competitive tests in Latin vocabulary, derivatives, reading comprehension, Latin mottos, and grammar. They will have the chance to socialize with fellow Latin scholars and enjoy non-competitive activities such as learning about Roman culture and playing Latin-related games. Last year, Oakcrest students took home several awards, including first and third place in the state for Roman History and third place in Advanced Latin Grammar. 

“The energy there is like no other and it is all about Latin! It is truly amazing,” says foreign languages teacher Monica Pompei. “It is a great opportunity for Oakcrest students to meet other students who are passionate about Latin and the Classics. They also have the chance to meet with representatives from colleges and universities who offer degrees in the Classics.” 

Junior Katiebelle Thompson is looking forward to returning to the convention. “I enjoy going to the convention because it's one of the few places where my Latin knowledge reaches its true potential!” she says. “It's full of cool lectures, the banquet is great, and even when you're not doing anything, you're bonding with all your friends. It's always a great experience.” 

1619 Crowell Road, Vienna, VA 22182