Rima Al-Mosawy (‘23)

“I realized that the Oakcrest environment was something I had never seen at any school before. It felt like a home from the start,” says Rima Al-Mosawy, a freshman at Oakcrest. Rima is grateful to be at Oakcrest along with her older sister Dima (‘22). And that feeling of being at home hasn’t faded for her.
A typical day for Rima begins at 7:30 when she arrives at school. After talking with friends and going to Homeroom, Rima has two classes and then attends either Enrichment or Mass. Another two classes follow and lunch, when Rima usually enjoys her meal outside on the school’s beautiful grounds with friends. After fifth and sixth periods, school ends and Rima heads off to soccer practice—she’s on Oakcrest’s junior varsity team. 

Rima is also a member of Oakcrest’s Track & Field team, where she competes in shotput and discus. While Rima has played soccer for four years, she was completely new to Track & Field when she joined the team at Oakcrest last year. “I tried something new and have been loving the sport ever since,” Rima says.  

Rima’s favorite class at Oakcrest so far has been eighth grade history with Cecilia Escobar. A highlight of this particular class is the Most Courageous American competition, in which seventh and eighth grade students make a March Madness-style bracket filled with American figures—both famous and obscure—and match them off against each other in weekly 15- minute debates. The original playing field of 24 Americans narrows down to a final two, who are debated in front of the entire school. “In this class we learned about many interesting topics such as World Wars I and II and how we have changed as a country from the time that the U.S. was discovered until now,” she says. 

Rima finds it hard to pick just one thing she loves most about Oakcrest, but ultimately she settles on the relationships between teachers and students. “Every teacher always greets you with open and welcoming arms,” she says. “They take time out of their day to make sure that you completely understand the topics they went through in class. You can count on them to always be there for you. That is why this relationship is definitely more than an ordinary teacher-student connection and I can’t wait to spend the rest of high school with my amazing teachers.” 
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