Oakcrest Launches New London Exchange Program

Oakcrest School will send eleven sophomores and juniors to London for twelve days this June to live with host families and attend classes at its sister school in London, The Laurels.

The Laurels is an independent all-girls Catholic school for students ages 11-18 currently located in the Clapham Park neighborhood of London. This is the start of a new exchange program between Oakcrest and The Laurels. Earlier this year, students from The Laurels visited Oakcrest for a couple weeks to sit in on classes and explore Washington, DC. Now, Oakcrest is excited to be sending its own students to learn about life in the United Kingdom.

During their stay, Oakcrest students will live with “host sisters” who attend The Laurels. They’ll attend classes, and even give a workshop on United States history to Laurels Middle School students. Oakcrest history teacher Christine Nussio will teach a class for Laurels Upper School students as well. Oakcrest students will also immerse themselves in history by exploring London, visiting sites such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Greenwich, Windsor Castle, the British Museum, and the Globe Theatre.   

“We are delighted to be welcoming the Oakcrest students,” says Lisa Newbould, Deputy Headteacher at The Laurels. “For us, the aim of the exchange is to share ideas and experiences with students who share the same ethos within an Anglo-Saxon context. We are looking forward to welcoming pupils into our lessons and activities. Our own students commented on the difference of the curriculum and of teaching styles so it will be great to see how Oakcrest girls view the British education system. We are also looking forward to showing off the best of London with all of its culture and history.”
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