Annie Howard (’25)

Annie Howard (’25) started her journey as an Oakie this year in sixth grade. Over her first two semesters here, she’s learned a lot, tried different extracurricular activities, and enjoyed making Oakcrest her home.

Annie chose to come to Oakcrest because she loved the way the school weaves together students’ faith and their academic lives. She also felt very much at home in the all-girls’ environment.

A typical day at school for her is full, but fun. Annie describes her classes and routine: “First I get dropped off and then I head to the commons and see my friends and gather my books from my locker for my first few classes. Then I head to homeroom where we go over announcements for the day. My first class is Theology, which I like because we’re learning about the Holy Mass. Next, I go to History class where we’re studying all the ancient civilizations this year. After the first two periods, I can choose to go to Mass or Enrichment reading. I usually go to Mass three days a week and Enrichment reading the other two days. Next, we have a break where I can go to my locker, go outside, or talk with my friends.”

After break Annie heads to Instrumental class, where she plays cello and is currently practicing for Oakcrest’s Spring Concert. In English, her class is studying Shakespeare. This is Annie’s favorite class, because she loves learning about new authors and new writing techniques that she can put into practice. Lunch, Pre-Algebra, and Science round out her day.

Although she is new to Oakcrest, Annie hasn’t let that stop her from jumping right into being fully involved in the extracurricular life of the school. Right now, she’s enjoying being on the Middle School Track and Field team. “I like feeling part of a team while also doing a sport I love,” she says. “I really like how anyone can join a middle school team, no matter if you have experience or not in the sport.”

In the fall, Annie decided to try out for the Middle School musical production and landed the role of Hansel in The Story of Hansel and Gretel. In spite of the pressures that go along with such a big part, Annie had a wonderful time being involved in Oakcrest’s theatre program. “I loved being a part of the cast—it felt like we were a big family. Mrs. Pozderac, our theatre teacher and director, and Mrs. Miller, the musical director, made all the rehearsals so much fun. It was also a great way to meet new friends when I was starting the school year.”

Annie also enjoys playing outdoors, spending time with her family and dog, playing the piano, and reading and writing stories.

“The best thing about Oakcrest,” she says, “Is how everyone is open and kind, and how my Catholic faith is a part of school every day.”

Annie’s parents are also happy with her Oakcrest experience. Annie’s mom, Angela Howard, says, “Oakcrest has been a wonderful experience not only for Annie, but for us, as her parents! Annie is thriving in its nurturing, stimulating and joyful environment. We feel Oakcrest is truly the best investment we could possibly make for our daughter, because it educates not only her mind and character, but most importantly, her soul and sense of belonging in the world.”

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