November 12 Updates

Fall Athletics Awards 

Middle School Cross Country 2021
Charger Spirit: Isabel Haslam
Heart and Hustle:  Teresa Bailey
Varsity Cross Country 2021
MVP:  Ashley Schroder
Heart & Hustle: Lianor Sweda
The Indomitable Award:   Anne Marie Branch

Freshman Volleyball 2021
 Coaches Award: Alexandria Callaghan

JV Volleyball 2021
 Most Improved: Susan Friddle 
Heart and Hustle: Keira Luna 

Varsity Volleyball 2021
Defensive MVP: Elaine-Rebecca Etter
Offensive MVP: Madeline Martin 
Coaches Award: Annabelle Holtom 

JV Soccer 2021
 Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Louise Guenther
Most Outstanding Offensive Player: Katie Kennedy

Varsity Soccer 2021
MVP: Elisabeth Dunch 
Coaches Award: Suzy Zischkau 
Coaches Award: Adair Rader
Tennis 2021
Rookie Of the Year: Patricia Rolwes
Most Improved: Julia Herrick
Coaches Awards: Josefina Maria Tavella