Meet Our Students

Rosie '25

Rosie ‘25 began her Oakcrest journey as a sixth grader. With two sisters who are Oakcrest alumnae and a mom who is an Oakcrest math teacher, Rosie has been part of the community for a long time.
It felt only natural for her to join a school where she could both make new friends and be close to family. Rosie's typical day begins with a bus ride to school, then heading to her locker to pack whatever books she needs and chat with friends before the first period of the day. She appreciates the time built into her school day when she is able to spend time with her peers. She especially enjoys discussing her day with friends over lunch. In addition, she appreciates the opportunity to attend daily Mass. 

The  most memorable class that Rosie has taken at Oakcrest thus far has been History. "I love learning about what life was like years ago and I compare it to our life now, which is very different," she explains. Although her school life is busy, Rosie loves it. "These days are always very packed with work, but I still have time to spend with friends and focus on what is important to me," she says. After the school day is officially over, she can often be found getting ready for sports practice. 

She is very involved in athletics at Oakcrest and plays a sport in each season—soccer in the fall, basketball in winter, and lacrosse in the spring. In addition to the sports she participates in at Oakcrest, Rosie also plays softball and swims outside of school. She loves spending time with friends and family, exercising, reading, baking, watching movies with siblings, and serving at St. Stephen's Food Pantry on the weekends with her family. 

What makes Oakcrest stand out most to Rosie is how everyone at school looks out for each other. "I love how Oakcrest is very caring and thoughtful of everyone," she says. "If someone got hurt, students would make cards for them and talk to them and make sure they feel comforted, which is really amazing."