Meet Our Students

Delina ‘22 and Danayit ‘25

Delina and Danayit are enjoying being at Oakcrest School together. Delina started at Oakcrest as a freshman, and last year her sister Danayit joins her at Oakcrest as a member of the Class of 2025. 

“We chose Oakcrest because we knew it would be able to help us build a brighter future,” Delina says. 

The sisters were particularly drawn to Oakcrest because of its excellent academic program and small class sizes. They knew the school would provide an education where they’d not only learn a lot, but also receive careful personal attention from the faculty. “My favorite thing about Oakcrest is how the teachers take the time out of their day just to help me understand what I didn’t understand in class,” Delina notes.  “And how everyone is very welcoming.” 

Although Delina values her entire Oakcrest education, the class she has enjoyed the most so far has been Biology. The class sparked her intellectual curiosity and inspired her to do additional research on her own. “I would always try to teach myself about other topics related to what I was learning so I would be able to expand my knowledge,” she says. 

Delina and Danayit both enjoy outdoor activities such as horseback riding, basketball, and biking. They also love to play piano and read. 

The sisters are excited for this new school year. Both were inspired by the Oakcrest Student Council’s theme for the beginning of the semester. “Both my sister and I,” Delina says, “Would like to build a strong foundation.”  They want to establish good study habits and deep relationships with others in the Oakcrest community. With these things to lean on, they know they’ll have a successful and fun year.