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Keep the Light Shining in the Storm

Mary T. Ortiz, PhD, Head of Oakcrest School

Living without many of our well-worn routines, it is natural that there have been moments of tension and frustration. In times of sudden change, especially when that change means we are cut off in a significant way from direct personal connection with people, we can tend to “shrink,” to close in on ourselves.
I find it helpful to think that others rely on us much more than we realize. St. Josemaria, the patron saint of Oakcrest School, asked young people especially to think about this so that they would enlarge their horizons and grow their hearts; it can help all of us, young and not so young, at times like this. “Here is a thought to help you in difficult moments. “The more my faithfulness increases, the better will I be able to contribute to the growth of others in that virtue.”—How good it is to feel supported by the others.” (Furrow, 948).

It is precisely now when others need us the most—our families, co-workers, friends, and yes, people we will never know, but who are linked to us through the Communion of the Saints.  We have to extend our concern and our prayer to many others who count on us—whether they say it or not—to be persons of integrity, faith, and true compassion. This can be a great incentive when we are tempted to get down, or get small.

I love Maine and  am particularly fond of lighthouses. It is the humble, but necessary duty of any lighthouse worth its name to keep the light shining! This is what I encourage you to do, students and parents. Keep up your good work, trying to be patient, open, flexible, and cheerful. Many people are praying for you, so grateful for your example! Count me among those cheerleaders!  

Mary T. Ortiz holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from New York University, and B.A. degrees in both English and German from Bowdoin College. She has been dedicated to the education of young women for over 25 years and has been the Head of Oakcrest School since 2012.