The Senior Thesis

The senior thesis is the capstone project of an Oakcrest student’s education and a cherished academic tradition. Working with a faculty advisor, each senior writes an in-depth, 10-15 page research paper on a topic of her choosing from an interdisciplinary perspective. The most valuable outcome of the senior thesis is the chance for students to enhance skills that are the foundation of future academic success. This capstone experience is a true celebration of genuine scholarship. It exhibits our students’ creativity, intellectual engagement, mental discipline and the ability to meet new challenges. Seniors then present their theses to the whole school in a formal presentation. 

The Edwina Maksym Senior Thesis Award

The Edwina Maksym Senior Thesis Award is given to senior theses of exceptional scholarly quality. Below, watch one of the winners of the 2020 Edwina Maksym Senior Thesis Award give her presentation. 

Past Thesis Topics

  • The Bard in Broadway: How Shakespeare's Works Influence Modern Musicals
  • The Christian Answer to Suffering: From the Cross to the Modern Man
  • A Return to Beauty: Poetry as the Salve of the Divine
  • Who Is the Happy Warrior?” : How Courage and Adventure Cultivate Truth and a Fulfilled Life
  • The Theology of Mercy and Mental Health
  • Love in the Stars: The Importance of Literature seen in C.S. Lewis's Cosmic Trilogy
  • A Harmony of Opposites: Liberty and Order in the U.S. Constitution (1789) and the Polish Constitution of 1791
  • Life’s Symphony: Music as Fundamental to the Human Journey
  • "Just Friends": On Platonic Relationships Between Men and Women
  • How Beauty Will Save the World: The Way of Flourishing and the Radiance of a Good Life
  • From Honor To Humility: The Development of The Hero From The Pagan Achilles to The Christian Joan of Arc
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