10th Grade Creating Beauty Project

In the 10th grade at Oakcrest, the curriculum and Grade Level Experiences seek to form the students as “lovers of beauty and goodness.” The Creating Beauty Project is designed to encourage students to spend their time well by challenging them to take up a hobby that allows them to create something beautiful and learn something new.

In effort to introduce the students to a variety of new hobbies and skills, several faculty and staff, as well as Oakcrest alumnae, spent an afternoon guiding the students through a variety of projects. Alumnae Cecilia Hadley ’99 and Lucy Collins ’11 returned to Oakcrest for the afternoon, teaching a group of students cake decorating and cross stitching. Other skills the sophomores learned were:
  • Flower arranging with 8th grade Class Dean and English teacher Ines Gruschow 
  • Book binding with art teacher Elisa Torres 
  • Knitting with 11th grade Class Dean and foreign languages Master Teacher Laurie Duncan 
  • Watercolor with art teacher Kayleen Nagurny
  • Gift bows with 6th Class Dean and theology teacher Audrey O’Neill 
  • Calligraphy with Marketing Associate Josephine von Dohlen 
Throughout the year, the sophomores will dedicate their time to learning a craft of their choosing. The school will provide them with a small budget to purchase supplies for the project and in the Spring, the 10th graders will host a 6th Grade Club where they teach the younger students what they have learned. Learn more about our Upper School academics and Grade Level Experiences here.
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