Christine Nussio

When asked what brought her to Oakcrest, Upper School Director Christine Nussio says, “I signed my first contract with the school on St. Josemaria Escriva’s feast day, so I’ve always liked to think that he brought me here!” 

Ms. Nussio has taught at Oakcrest since 2012, and over the years her history classes have captivated and inspired many Oakcrest students. She has taught a wide range of courses, from AP European History to U.S. History, to Debate to Western Political Thought. Ms. Nussio is an avid student of history herself, having earned a Master of Arts in Early Modern Europe from The Catholic University of America and a Bachelor of Arts summa cum laude in History from Christendom College. 

Upon first arriving here, she was struck by the school’s commitment to forming young women in the liberal arts tradition, and the way that each student was known and cared for by the faculty and staff. “At Oakcrest I found a school where I was not only a teacher, but also a mentor, and students in my classroom were learning not only history but also developing their intellects and wills,” she explains. “There was so much detail and care put into each student by the faculty. This personal education and the commitment of my colleagues to helping each student flourish really made me fall in love with Oakcrest in my first year!” 

As she takes on the adventure of being Upper School Director, Ms. Nussio serves the Upper School by ensuring that faculty receive excellent professional development, overseeing the development of Oakcrest’s Upper School curriculum, and being the point of contact for academic questions for Upper School teachers and students. 

“I am really excited to begin unpacking the school’s educational vision,” she continues. “I think our AP classes, for example, are much richer than they might be at another school because we approach them with a liberal arts mindset. I am looking forward to working with each department to live out this vision more fully. The importance of personal relationships in the workplace and classroom has become only more apparent in the last two years. This year my goal is for us to live our person-centered education very intentionally in how we communicate and work together.” 

Ms. Nussio recalls many highlights from her years at Oakcrest. Annual community events such as  the Advent Mass, the Junior Ring Ceremony, and Senior Dinner stand out to her, as they emphasize how Oakcrest is not just a school, but also a family. And she will always cherish memories of the first school year at Oakcrest’s permanent campus. “Arriving at the school every morning felt like a gift after waiting so long to be here!” she says.
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