Brigid Hale ('21)

For senior Brigid Hale, joining Oakcrest in sixth grade was an easy decision.

“I had always grown up around Oakcrest because my older siblings also went here,” she says. Since her first year at Oakcrest, she has experienced the power of a liberal arts education and the joy of making deep friendships. “It has been such an amazing experience and journey,” she says.
Now that she is a senior, Brigid looks back with gratitude at the many wonderful academic opportunities she has had at Oakcrest. The classes that stand out to her the most are AP Chemistry and AP Literature, both taken during her junior year.  “AP Chemistry was so challenging (I love when classes are challenging) and so interesting. My mind was blown by the material almost every week, and my teacher was so amazing!” Brigid says. “In AP Literature, the discussions we had in class were incredible—it seemed that we read the right book at the right time and everyone was contributing, not for the grade, but for the end goal of truth and understanding. The points made and books read were some of the best of my experience.”
Brigid also loves Oakcrest’s athletics program and is a seasoned Charger. She has been on the Varsity soccer and softball teams for the past four years, plays basketball, and this year is taking Oakcrest’s Strength and Conditioning class. Outside of school, Brigid loves to play guitar, read, and spend time with family and friends.
“I think my favorite thing about Oakcrest is the friendships and relationships that you find at the school,” Brigid says. “By relationships I mean with God, students, classmates, and faculty. There are so many opportunities to get closer to a teacher (through the mentoring program and the classroom) and students (through the sister program and especially sports). I would recommend Oakcrest to anyone, and I’d recommend that they play sports because it is so easy to create intraclass friendships when you have to work together as a team.” 
    • Brigid (right) with her sister Anna ('19)