Maddy Moss (‘24)

When Maddy Moss (‘24) first visited Oakcrest in fifth grade, she was blown away by the warmth and kindness she saw in the students. 

“When I noticed how kind the older girls were to the middle schoolers, I realized that Oakcrest was the school I wanted to go to,” she says. She joined the next year, and is now enjoying eighth grade. 

“I am planning on staying at Oakcrest for high school,” she continues. “Ever since I started here, I have never doubted that that is what I want to do. I cannot imagine what it would be like without the girls I’ve become close with. I have made wonderful friendships with not only individual people, but also with my class as a whole.” 

Maddy loves the rigorous academic program at Oakcrest. She was particularly excited to attend a school offering Latin as a foreign language option, and her favorite class so far has been theology with Mrs. Hanssen.  “Whenever Mrs. Hanssen is storytelling, you can hear a pin drop, and every eye is fixed on her,” Maddy says. “Not only do we have fun in her class, but we also learn important lessons that will remain with us for the rest of our lives. Many of the things she has shared with us have helped me in important ways. In addition, she is always willing to stay after class to give us advice and just to chat with us. There have been many times when I have almost missed the bus because I was so caught up talking with her.” 

Maddy stays busy outside of her studies as well. She will be running track this spring for Oakcrest for the second year in a row, and says the sport has given her the opportunity to make many friendships she might not have developed otherwise. She also has a great love for the arts. Maddy has been Irish dancing since she was five and she plays the fiddle. She enjoys having jam sessions with her sisters, who play the concertina and harp, and she is part of a traditional Irish music band with participants ranging from sixth grade to college age. 

There are so many different aspects of Oakcrest that Maddy loves, but one thing in particular means the most to her. “My favorite thing about Oakcrest is that there is a beautiful chapel that we can go to any time of the day,” she says. “Oakcrest really encourages us to deepen our friendship with Christ, and I am so grateful for that.” 
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