Heather DeLisle

Master Teacher, Science
From serving as Master Teacher of Oakcrest’s Science Department to running all things behind-the-scenes for school shows, Heather DeLisle involves herself deeply in Oakcrest life.  

Mrs. DeLisle joined the Oakcrest faculty in 2011, and she teaches a wide range of science classes, including Biology, Anatomy & Physiology and Chemistry. She began her career in education right after graduating from Connecticut College with a B.A. in Biology and Religious Studies.
Mrs. DeLisle started out in the PACT program—a teacher education program in which recent graduates contribute two years of service as teachers in Catholic schools in New England. During this time, she also earned a Master of Education with a secondary education focus from Providence College. After teaching at a diocesan high school in Springfield, Massachusetts for four years, she worked in an inner city public school in Eastern Massachusetts before joining the Oakcrest faculty. 

Mrs. DeLisle enjoys the collegiality amongst faculty and staff at Oakcrest, which she says is also reflected in the camaraderie among the students. Oakcrest is unique in its view of the importance of a liberal arts education, teaching truth and virtue to the whole person, body, mind and soul,” she notes

When not teaching, Mrs. DeLisle works long and hard to make sure each Oakcrest theatre production has a great crew. She oversees everything from set design and construction to the sound and light team. Mrs. DeLisle is no stranger to backstage work, having started during her freshman year of high school as an assistant stage manager. “I view working on shows like my version of a team sport,” she says. “I’ve been able to work on productions with my mom and that’s been fun; whatever show I am working on at the moment is my favorite show, because each one is a unique experience.” 

Outside of work, Mrs. DeLisle loves following baseball and watching superhero movies.