Making the Most of Your Summer

Summer.  Those blissful intervals of childhood that disappear all too quickly.  Summer has always been a time to while away the hours.  More freedom, less scheduling, and a slower pace of life. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly easy to while away those hours in all sorts of of superficial pursuits that actually do not leave us feeling more refreshed - listlessly and indiscriminately consuming media, succumbing to the auto-play feature of Netflix and watching “just one more” episode of the latest binge worth show, going down the Wikipedia rabbit hole under the thinly veiled guise of learning about the Lindbergh kidnapping.  

Let’s take summer back! Let’s prioritize engaging over consuming.  A summer well spent can be an important part of adolescents' formation and they have precious few of them.  “Well spent” does not mean “useful” in the manner society deems things to be useful.  As students enter middle and upper school, there can be pressure to use their summers to get ahead - to give them the edge in that impending college process.  And while this is not a categorically bad idea, it presents a very narrow view of summer.  A summer well spent is a summer of personal growth, self-gift and enrichment.  An opportunity to develop and come to know her personality, gifts and interests.  A time to get outside into nature, serve the community, or pursue an interest or a personal project - to do an oral history of your grandparents, to run a camp for the neighborhood kids, to learn a new hobby like crocheting or guitar, to plant a garden, or to see how many snail mail letters you can send.  Don’t let the summer slip away.  

If you are looking for something more structured for your daughter, click below for some opportunities that we think are work checking out.  We will add opportunities to this document over the coming weeks so please check back periodically.  Do some research and decide as a family if any of these are a good fit.