Fathers Club Event

The Oakcrest Difference: How Dads Can Contribute to Oakcrest's Current and Future Success

Thursday, February 25 at 7:00 pm
Join us for a conversation with Mary T. Ortiz, Michael Barvick, and Terri Collins followed by Q&A.

2020 Christmas Concert

Shakespeare Monologue Competition

Dr. Sax at Oakcrest—But It's Not the Real World: Answers to Common Questions about an All-Girls Education

Dr. Sax at Oakcrest—Evidence-Based Parenting: Raising Daughters in the 21st Century

Dr. Leonard Sax, "Girls on the Edge"

I have visited a number of girls' schools—such as Lauriston in Australia, Oakcrest School in Virginia, and the PACE Center in Orlando—that consciously, thoughtfully, and intentionally provide that community of women for girls.
Oakcrest Middle School's Production of "The Female Quixote"

November 5 Performance

November 6 Performance

November 7 Matinee Performance

Saturday, November 7 Evening Performance