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Why Should Girls Study Physics?

Leslie Kanuch

Oakcrest science teacher Leslie Kanuch describes the beauty of this science and how it helps students to see how the created world is both beautiful and coherent.

Watch the video below to hear her thoughts on the study of physics.
Mrs. Kanuch teaches science at Oakcrest. She spent eight years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps before joining the Oakcrest faculty in 2018. She graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland with a B.S. in Physics, a B.S. in English, and a minor in Russian language and literature. She has extensive overseas experience, including deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Bahrain and a study abroad program in Russia, and has worked directly with multiple federal agencies and senior-level Department of Defense and Department of State officials throughout her military career. She received her M.S. in Strategic Intelligence from the National Intelligence University and studied Latin through a summer program at The Catholic University of America.