Dr. Leonard Sax at Oakcrest

Leonard Sax, MD, Ph.D. graduated Phi Beta Kappa from MIT at the age of 19. He earned his PhD in psychology, and his MD, from the University of Pennsylvania. In the presentations that he gave at Oakcrest, he drew upon his 26 years of clinical experience, as well as his visits to more than 400 schools over the past 17 years, to share his recommendations for his fellow parents.

Dr. Leonard Sax, Girls on the Edge, page 231

I have visited a number of girls' schools—such as Lauriston in Australia, Oakcrest School in Virginia, and the PACE Center in Orlando—that consciously, thoughtfully, and intentionally provide that community of women for girls.

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In his presentation Dr. Sax shares his professional and personal insights on the important impact dads have on their daughters when they take their vocation seriously. Examples include:
  • When the father daughter relationship is strong, girls are less likely to use drugs.
  • When the father-daughter relationship is strong, girls are less likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors both now and when they leave the home in college and beyond.
  • A good father-daughter relationship decreases the risk of depression and decreases the risk of eating disorders.  
  • Daughters who report having a good relationship with their fathers go on to have more intimate marriages, even if their fathers are divorced.

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