Dear Parents,

I cannot believe we’ve come to the end of another school year. On a personal note, I am finishing up the year with a feeling of such gratitude. I am grateful for the faculty, new and old, who demonstrated a remarkable sporting spirit and flexibility throughout the entire year, filling in for countless extra supervisions in addition to their normal workload. I am grateful for the student leadership, both official and unofficial—the students who led Student Council, executing two wonderful Spirit Weeks; the Service Initiatives Program coordinators who found creative ways to involve Oakies in acts of service; the students who put away chairs in the lobby every single day, ensuring we could continue to have daily Mass. I am grateful for the imminent construction of our long-awaited gymnasium which will serve as a place where our student body will gather in competition and community. I am grateful for all of the laughs, effort, patience, and compassion that it took from students, faculty, staff and parents to make this year possible. At Oakcrest, we did not just survive the year. We thrived.

Below are dates and forms that will help you plan ahead for the beginning of next school year. Complete information about athletics, textbooks, summer reading assignments, carpool directory, and much more can be found on OakcrestConnect (click on the "Resources" tab). If you have any difficulties with OakcrestConnect, contact Marty Lerner at

Please feel free to reach out to our staff. We are happy to help if you have any questions.

Meghan Hadley
Dean of Students

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